Thursday, March 25, 2010


I want this right now.
At the moment I am feeling just a tad depressed. It is raining. I have no motivation for homework. I have been living in a flat with 12 girls and no privacy. I am emotional. I miss my family. I miss my friends. I eat my feelings and it is catching up to my body. I am constantly cooped in a corner [my bed]. I have not had substantial male interaction in about three months. I have no idea what I am doing with my life. I am tired. I have blisters and bruises on my feet. I live in sweat pants and leggings. I need someone to tell me everything is going to be alright. I need my home. I need a long drive in my car. I need a sushi date with my Abs. I need a big hug from my daddy. I need a sweet smile from Ky. I need a fun afternoon with my momma. I need my huge bed at home. I need sunshine.
Sorry I had to vent.


Kristy said...

Oh sweetie...I want so badly to give you a BIG HUG and wrap you up in my arms and give you a kiss and tell you that everything is going to be fine and that I love you so much! Tomorrow I hope that the sun is out and that all is well in London for my middle daughter!

vocalise said...

"I need someone to tell me everything is going to be okay." Okay. Here goes. Macy. I've been listening to a song on a CD of mine, oh, maybe about three dozen times in the last three days. You know it..."My God is so low...can't get under wide, can't get around Him...He's so high you can't get over Him. You must go around by and through the Lamb." That's the key. You have to get around this "by and through the Lamb." Some might say "Dude. (Or Dudette!) You are in freaking London...what is the problem?" But, emotions travel with us no matter where we are, but the way to beat them is the same no matter where we are. One good thing....guess "we" found out a mission is not for you!! Hahaha. Trying to make a 'funny.' Think of those young men, escaping the "captured" feeling! "The early Pioneers came from a great diversity of circumstances...all faced the universal trials and heartaches of life. Their determination...born of faith to serve the Lord and others seemed to take them NOT AROUND THE STORMS OF LIFE BUT DIRECTLY INTO THEM." "My God is so wide you can't get around must go in by and through the Lamb." He will help you control your thoughts, emotions...and EVEN homesickness. You are normal. You are loved. Pray. Go take some photos. Give all of the 'stuff' over to Him. I love you.

vocalise said...

P.S. sorry to take up more space...but i forgot to say that the pioneer quote is Elder Eyring. love him!

macy marie. said...

thanks marie! great words of wisdom. and yes i have said many times that from this trip i am not cut out for a mission. haha i love you as well!

and mommy you have no idea how much i want a hug from you right now.

Kylie said...

Awww Mace I love you mroe than words can say! Here is a smile.... :) I am really smiling at you right now as well! Let's Skype asap!

Kristy said... is a big hug from me....A BIG HUG. Love you sweetie. I'm sure your venting helped and you feel much better now. the near future you will be missing your time there. Finish strong! Dad

Marilyn said...

Isn't it interesting that even when we are in the most incredible place doing the most incredible things, we can still feel sad when we aren't with those we love. It just shows us how important our families are and will be forever. Great words from Marie. I hope you are having a better day today.

John and Jill said...

Hey Macy!

Just wanted you to know that I'm thinking of you!!

Love you!