Sunday, March 21, 2010

Paris is always a good idea... day 3.

Wednesday morning because Audrey and I were so exhausted, over slept and missed our alarm. Luckily Audrey woke up at nine or I am sure we both would have slept the day away.
After quickly getting ready we rushed to meet the group at the Notre Dame. Thank goodness for Emma and her trusty blackberry, always helping us when we are lost, because if we hadn’t been able to e-mail her we would have been stuck on our own. Once we were at the Notre Dame we found Emma and climbed to the top, all 400+ stairs, and I though the Arc was rough. At the top we channeled our inner gargoyle and Quasimodo re-enacting the ringing of the bell.

Caitlin had gone up before us and we could not find her at the bottom after we had come down so it was Me Audrey and Emma for the day. We started by going to Montmartre, where my parents told me I had to visit. It was my favorite place in the city.
Funny story: As we were walking up the stairs we walked next to a very friendly African man. He was on his phone but quickly hung up to try and talk to us. I tried to quickly run up the stairs, mind you there were probably about 200 stairs to climb. He then asked me if I was African. I, having no idea what he meant just kind of ignored him and said no. Audrey was next to him and he again asked her if I was African then motioning to my butt and saying, “Africanaaaaa”. I just about died and I wish I had a video of this man asking me if I was African because of my apparently huge butt. It was quite funny and I am now going on a diet, just kidding, but really.

When we got to the top we all got crepe aux jambon for lunch and sat and ate them. We then walked around, watched artists and I may or may have not purchased something… While there we enjoyed looking at the views and the Sacre Coeur church at the top.
"Paris fast food"
After walking down the hill we wandered around a bit and then went to find the Moulin Rouge. I would call this area the downtown Vegas part of Paris.
Audrey Emma and I then went to the Orangerie Museum and saw Monet’s Water Lilies and a few other impressionist paintings. After resting our feet, because they were literally killing us it was a short walk to the Louvre where we saw the Mona Lisa, Winged Victory of Samothrace, and Venus De Milo among many other amazing works.

The Louvre is so huge it makes me almost want to throw up. I think it would take me about a month to see everything in there so we stuck to the big ones. Randomly while in the Louvre we found Caitlin, Katie, Britin, Calvin and Cam! So we all went to dinner together at a random little Italian place around the corner.

After dinner we split from the boys was went to see the Eiffel Tour again before boarding our evening cruise on the Seine. After seeing the city at night along with many of the bridges I had my favorite crepe citron and it was home to the hotel for some sleep.

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