Saturday, November 3, 2012

my best friend's wedding

A little over a month ago I was privileged to be able to fly home and be the Maid of Honor in my best friend Megan's wedding. It was seriously one of the most amazing days I have had in a long time and I am so happy for her and Joey. 

Megan and I have been friends for a very long time and her and Joey met right before Megan graduated high school. Their wedding has been a long time coming and I was ecstatic when she asked me to be her Maid of Honor. 

They got engaged on valentines day and a few weeks later we went to go find her a wedding dress. We had looked at a few places and then finally went to my neighbors dress store, Bianca's Bridal in Modesto and after looking for a few minutes I knew I had found one that she would love. She tired it on and we were all in tears when she came out. 

Since then I have been anticipating this day and I am so happy that I got to be apart of their special day.
Megan was so on top of everything and everything was planned and in place months before the wedding date. She found an amazing photographer, Amber Grover who does wonderful wedding photography with her husband and they took some fantastic photos.
So here are some pictures from the big day...

 Performing my Maid of Honor duties!

The Ceremony
(cried through most of it because I was so happy)

Bridesmaids & Megan

Love this girl! 

Such a fun bridal party!

Me and the Bride!

Right after the Ceremony. She's Married!!
 My freaky excited face and Meg's adorable smile.

Signing the Marriage Licence :)

Giving my Maid of Honor toast was one of my favorite parts of the wedding!  

(Here is what I said, minus the nervous "ums" which my mom caught on film)

My name is Macy Falke for those who don't know me 
and I have the honor and privilege of being Megan's Maid of Honor.
I honestly can't remember the first time Megan and I "officially" met. 
Kevin and I were in elementary together and in the same friend group,
and I always thought how cool his older sister was.
High school though, was when Megan and I became best friends
(and I still thought she was pretty cool!)

Megan is an amazing woman.
She is someone who I greatly respect for all that she has accomplished,
for how hard she works, for how giving she is and most of all
for how devoted she is to every relationship she has.

My favorite memory, and there are many, from our high school years together,
was when we decided to "help" Megan be voted Prom Queen.
This wasn't hard, as we pretty much ran Yearbook Club
which was in charge of taking votes for Prom King and Queen.
And sure enough Megan was crowned Prom Queen that night.

I know we all see what an amazing partner or "king" she has found in Joey.
He is someone who loves her and treats her like the Queen she really is.
Even in the beginning, you could tell that this was something special.

Megan- Thank you for showing me what it truly means to be a best friend. 
No matter how long we are apart, when we see each other it is as if we had never left each other side,
we pick up right where we left off. 

If there is any advice I could give you two, as a single girl,
it would be to follow in the footsteps of your parents. 
They have given you both wonderful examples of how to make a marriage work,
and there is a lot of work involved in that.

So, I invite you all to raise your glasses and join me in a toast.
I wish you both a life time of love and joy,
surrounded by family and friends who love you.
To Megan and Joey!

Partying it up with my crazy parents and their friends the Woods. 

So happy for these two and can NOT wait to see her again at Thanksgiving :)
To a life full of happiness,
Megan & Joey Silveira
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