Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Two Months TOO Long.

For presidents weekend I got to go visit home!!! It was one of the funnest weekends of my life! I love my family so so so much. I got in on thursday and just hung out that night. Then friday we set off on our weekend adventure. I was fun because we didn't really know exactly what we were going to do and just drove. We were driving through fairfield and decided to stop at the jelly belly factory! haha it was pretty fun.
Then we set off for Bodega Bay! Me and dad had the best clam chowder we have ever had in our lives. And even though dad has had more chowder in his life than i have we both aggreed it was the best. Saturday was valentines day and we drove to a few random places which I am sure NO ONE has eve heard of. It was a BLAST!
We drove up the the "cliffs" by Bodega Bay. They are beautiful and almost look like they could be Normandy!
We stopped in a tiny town to have BBQ oysters and look around.
After some exploring we got to go visit some of my favorite cousins, Chris and Brit, and their three boys ( who i swear never stop growing!) We went out to a Valentines dinner and had quite the night.
Sunday We drove to Napa Valley and Sonoma, which are both beautiful but it was raining the whole time. Kind of a bummer but it was still pretty to look at. Then we drove into Emeryville to see our good friend Emorn. Because it was sunday and not a working day we got to go see his work, Pixar. We were able to go back and see his office too!
This was definatly one of the best weekends I have had in a long time! I love my family so much!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

we like to party.

I guess me and lara could be considered "rexburg socialites"... haha. I have not gone a weekend with out going out and, I'm not gonna lie, I love it! We have the best friends in the whole world.

Our friend Jacob hosted a dress up, "fine wine and cheese" party. We danced, played cards, watched horse racing, drank martinellies and ate cheese! so much fun!
Me, James, Marcus and Lara
Me, Tanner and Lara. He's our tag along and we love him!
Corey, Me, Steve and Lara.
Bret, Me Travis and Lara.
There is a dance club in the burg called Locus that my friend Juan owns, one day I was talking to Juan and he asked me if I needed a small side job, and of course me being still unemployed told him that I needed one so bad! So now me and lara are Locus girls... we get paid to promote the parties! it's kind of a cool job... small but cool.
This week was an 80's theme party!
Me and Lara with our employer Juan!
When we dress up... we go all out!
We went to a highlighter party... this is our friend dilan.

It's been an eventful semester so far! I love it!

my first real winter?

So I am finally updating! I have been a popsicle for about a month now and I wouldn't trade it for anything. I though rexburg was going to be the worst in winter but so far I am loving it even more that last semister! It helps to have my best friend lara here with me and our apartment is so much fun!
I kinda like living in the snow!
Me and my best friend Lara!