Saturday, October 17, 2009

london in the winter time... it's a must.

It's official! I got into the London BYU Winter 2010 Study Abroad program and I am moving to London next semester! I leave January 8th and won't be back until April!! I am extremely excited!
This is what I have to look forward to!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

let them eat CAKE.

As I'm sure you know I am extremely social and love to throw parties... which is why I have, yet again, changed my major to communications to eventually become and event planner. I am so excited about this!! Anyways, I convinced my roommates that we should throw a party. :) Just imagine a semi small apartment crammed with easily a hundred people and four cakes, three batches of brownies, two dozen cookies, a chocolate fountain with everything you can thing of to dip in it and there you have it! It was the funnest thing ever but such a mess to clean up later that night!

Will, Josh, Me, Quintin, Lys and Brad!

Celeste, John, Me, John John, Ali!!

My little Canadian roommate, Katy!

Lara, Kim, Court, Me!
Me and Lar!
Megan, Me, Cassidy, Erika!
So worth it!!

marshmallows, starbursts and hot dogs.

BONFIRE TIME!!! It was my friend Erika and Dan's birthdays a few weeks ago so we all decided to have a huge bonfire party out at Beaver Dick park (yes that is the real name for the park)! We all roasted marshmallows to made smores, made hot dogs and roasted starbursts which is the greatest thing I have ever tasted!
Erika and the Tripod!

My pretty much roommates!

Johnny, Allison, John John, Dallas and Me


before the snow.

My friends Mike and Eirk have the second awesome boat... my dad's being the first :) Before it got cold we made sure to go to the lake and have some fun! Here are some pictures!

Allison, Me, Coops and Clark

This is my good friend Blake. He's a prefessional wakeboarder... I have never been so amazed while watching someone wakeboarding.
My best friend Allison and Me
Tubing! Before we all hit heads.