Wednesday, September 19, 2012

one year wrap up... so I can move on.

to begin...

spring/summer 2011. go.

Went to Nauvoo, IL with the fambam to see Kylie and her Folk Dance Team perform and tour around. Loved every second of this trip.

My best friend since diapers, Call Hyer married this cutie Whitney (Call and I were supposed to get married if we were both single at 30... oh well I love her!) and I was lucky enough to make it to their reception before leaving for school the next day.

Spring semester was a BLAST and I spent it with all of my best friends... and then they left me.

Met and have hung out with every day since with my best friend Justin Medina.

Surprised my little sis, Abby and drove home for the weekend to see her graduate.

Played the rest of the summer...

and finally hiked R mountain, although I just about died before getting to the top.

Allison and I went to Lake Powell with our friend Blake Hansen for 4th of July. 
LITERALLY best trip of my life (to this point).

Powell again with the fambam... 

And now fall 2011...

Jackson Hole, is always a tradition when the rents come to visit.

Joined my sisters and our friends for a BYU game with great seats, we rushed the field after :)

Went to General Conference with my beautiful sisters,
where we were called prostitutes by protestors, lovely.                                                                                                    

Then for halloween I was a creepy doll and a skeleton first scary costume halloween... loved it.

best part of fall though was getting to hang out with this girl every day. i love courtney.

mommy dearest turned the big 50 in december and we surprised the crap out of her with an over the hill party. i designed the invites and dad planned the greatest surprise of her life. it was great!
winter 2012...
Christmas came and went and the fambam and I went on a trip to Carmel for the weekend.

Annual Tahoe trip with the family took place in February. Skied, played, ate, loved every second of it.

This year I started GIANT'S season off right with Fan Fest with my friends Kristen, Ashley and Adriana.
valentines day, my best friend Megan got engaged and asked me to be her Maid of Honor, she gets married a week from today and I can NOT wait for this wedding.
now onto spring 2012...

played with these two babes all semester [katy and meres]
and these other two babes [drew and justin]
andddd all of these people..
finally summer 2012...

friend trip to Powell round two happened :)
Had the best vacation to las vegas with the greatest girls in the world [Courtney, Gina, and Kelani]
The day I got home from school I went to my high school friend Sydnee's wedding, such a glowing and gorgeous bride and I am so happy for her and her hub Tommy who are expecting a girl in November :)
and most of the summer I just hung with my favorite kids, the Gauthiers :)
This summer my eldest sister, Kylie Kay, served a mission in Nauvoo as a young performing missionary. The fambam and our friends the Gauthiers took yet another trip to Nauvoo to see her shine.
now. fall 2012. 

The semester before my last semester has begun. 
I am working on campus in the communication department as a copy write editor for the school, BIG GIRL JOB yayyy and I live with this dollface...
Abbs, who cheers me up when I am down and loves to eat as much as I do. 
[2 peas in a pod]

so. update FINALLY done and now I can move forward with blogging about my current life. 
the end [ish]