Saturday, February 9, 2013

the holidays.

I have been meaning to blog but then I realized
that I have done
absolutely nothing
but work since new years.
I am working in University Communications at BYU-Idaho as a Project Manager...
and it consumes my life and any energy that I possess.
I am a BORING old lady now. boo.
On to semi-interesting things that have happened since I last blogged...
(Ky wasn't able to come home because of the show she was in)

played with everly 
(formerly known as paisley) love her new name!

Then after thanksgiving I went up to Utah to see my sisters in their performances!
Ab was in Christmas Around the World for folk dance...
Ky was in Savior of the World on temple square.
I hung with Ab a bunch.
(the only time I am as tall as her is when I have five inch heels on)
jef with one f
hung out with jef holm from the bachelorette

babysat my bosses kids a bunch
LOVE these kids
Averie, Raleigh, Eli and Mesa

I finished up fall semester December 17th and headed home but not before...
I pretty much died.
the day before I was to go home, I got food poisoning
and after throwing up 18 times, I had to go get and IV to try and get at least something in my so I could fly home
but I did get to be pushed onto the airplane in a wheelchair

christmas break.
It was great and I had so much fun being home for 3 weeks!
spent most of my time here...
 with this guy on my lap...
got to see my mini me and made her into my twin :)
tradition of feeding the homeless on Christmas eve morning
family :) love these people.
my drop dead gorgeous little sis
and my favorite holiday
nothing makes me more excited than coming out on Christmas morning... thanks santa :)
new bedding (that will stay at home and I will probably use four times) yayyy!
went to SLO (san luis obispo) for new years and licked (not really) gum alley
for slo I went straight to Carmel and met up with the fam bam.
my favorite beach Pebble
 walked on the beach, shopped, and ate a ton of food with the fam + chase
then after carmel
we hung out at home for a few days and
the kids started to trickel off
saying bye to abs
and then I made my way back to the 
frozen tundra
called Rexburg... ughhhhh lovely.
it has been a long winter so far and I will have to post more about it soon.