Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Merry Christmas... late as usual.

Merry Christmas!! I just thought I would put our Christmas picture on here for those who didn't receive a card! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and Santa brought you everything you wanted. I know I got what I wanted :) Four months in London is the greatest gift ever! Thanks mama and papa!
And with a little magic.... here is Mr. and Mrs. Clause and their reindeer!

fall... more like winter.

My favorite semester has come to a close. I had the most amazing roommates and made and strenghtened some of the greatest friendships I have ever had. I am going to miss all of these amazing girls while I am in london but I know I will see them in april when I get back!

My roommates (the babies) Hillary, Katy, Analisa and I.

My best friends! Alyssa, Me and Allison!

I love all of these girls dearly!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

my favorite place in the great white north.

I am fortunate enough to live an hour away from one of the most amazing ski towns in the US. Jackson Hole, WY become one of my favorite spots to visit while I am living in Idaho. Abby, My roommate Emily and I went last semester and this semester I have been twice with best friends Allison, Brad and Jonny! If you are ever in Jackson you MUST eat at Bubba's BBQ. Hands down greatest barbecue I have had the pleasure of partaking of!
We (Brad, Allison Jonny and I) found Big Foot!

and then Jonny shot him...

The infamous Antler Arches!

I am so lucky to have amazing friends who happen to love going on adventures as much as I do!

Someone's First Visit to Good Ol' Turlock

Yes... I brought a boy home. NO... he is not my boyfriend. I am pretty sure I gave my Nanny a heart attack surprising her in Carmel with my friend Brad at my side. First question she and Marjorie asked me when we were alone was how long me and Brad had been dating. I will give fair warning when the time comes that I bring a boy home for that purpose!

We spent a day in Carmel. Nanny, Pop and the Lewis' were at their beach house and graciously allowed us to drop in on them, and made us dinner!

We went on the Pier in Monterey and as always had clam chowder!

Brad and I had been stuck in below freezing weather for too long so we decided to take the boat out on the lake one day when it was in the mid sixties. The water was freezing but wet suits helped! Oh how I miss California weather!Gauthier Kids!

It was quite the fun visit for Brad!