Wednesday, December 2, 2009

my favorite place in the great white north.

I am fortunate enough to live an hour away from one of the most amazing ski towns in the US. Jackson Hole, WY become one of my favorite spots to visit while I am living in Idaho. Abby, My roommate Emily and I went last semester and this semester I have been twice with best friends Allison, Brad and Jonny! If you are ever in Jackson you MUST eat at Bubba's BBQ. Hands down greatest barbecue I have had the pleasure of partaking of!
We (Brad, Allison Jonny and I) found Big Foot!

and then Jonny shot him...

The infamous Antler Arches!

I am so lucky to have amazing friends who happen to love going on adventures as much as I do!


Kristy said...

It is always fun to see your adventures on your blog Macy. Jackson Hole definately looks fun. I look forward to seeing it someday. I love you Moo!

vocalise said...

I spent so much of my youthful summertime in Jackson Hole...annual trips for years. One of my favorite places, too. The of God's most beautiful of beauties!! Cute photos.

Anne Marie Hyer said...

I love that area too. So cold, but I suppose you are used to that by now huh? Love ya and see ya soon. Fun talking to you the other night.