Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Ty and I went to a Masquerade Ball put on by his friends this weekend. We danced and had tons of fun. I didn't have a fancy mask so I made one out of make-up and Ty wore snowboarding goggles. the "prom" pose

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Out my Window.

The Rexburg Temple is beautiful. I walked accross the street last week and took this picture, sorry it is crooked. The Lord is my neighbor.

Halloween Time!

This year my friends and I had some fun with our costumes... we decided to be a little bit religious but still funny. We dressed up as the "Six Bees" from Pres. Hinkley's be attitudes talk. Every one that saw us got a kick out of our costumes and, not to brag but, we looked pretty good. : ) I was Bee Clean. It was a good halloween but I definatly missed trunk-or-treating with Turlock second ward.Just missing one.

Home for the Houxs.

MOLLY AND MARK ARE MARRIED! and boy was it a beautiful wedding and reception. I have never seen a more classy and beautiful bride. She looked stunning in her "Sence and Sensibility" styled dress she had specially made. And i have never seen her more happy than when she and Mark walked out of the temple. I love them both and wish them the best in Ohio and on their exciting journey together.

The Stunning Bride!

Falke girl cousins + Whitney

...the Brad Falke girls...

Me and my favoirte little old man!

Mothers Weekend.

I picked Mom up from the airport October 9th. We had a wonderful weekend even though mom didn't say more than 3 words. She has been on vocal rest for about a month and a half but even though she couldn't talk I still understood everything she wanted to say, even before she finished writing things down. My mom is my best friend and I have no idea how I went a month with out seeing her beautiful face. We had some fun times with my roommates and their moms too. We went to Idaho Falls and did some shopping, she met all my new friends and Ty, and we had a yummy dinner on sunday night with all my roommates and their moms. I already missed her the minute I dropped her off at the airport.Sunday night mom and I went over to wendy's condo and hung out with aunt dorthy, amy and wendy. It was a fun ending night to an exciting weekend.

Kylie visits Rex-Town.

My big sis Kylie came to visit me. We had lots of fun hanging out with cousins, seeing Mesa Falls, eating at Big Juds and hanging out with eachother. I love her and was happy she came to see me.
Cousins at Big Juds. best burgers ever.
Mesa Falls.
Ky, Me, Summer and Shleby went to a baseball game.

Living the College Life.

I have so many things to write about I don't even know where to start. So I guess I will start from the begining. Mom, Dad and I drove the 14 hours from Turlock to Rexburg on September 3rd. Mom and I were in the acura and dad was in front in the Burb with all of my junk. We listened to music, comedy stuff and Sarah Palin's speech. We made very good timing and didn't make too many stops on the way, but I dont think my back has ever hurt as bad as it did that day. The next day we woke up very earily and drove up the hill to move me into my new apartment. I met all my roomates and unpacked two car loads of my stuff into my room. The next few days were pretty eventful with orentation activities and my last days with mom and dad. We went to big juds and a luau. Then it was time for them to leave and me to be on my own. Supprisingly I wasn't too emotional but dad sobbed like a baby : ) I sure miss them.

The next few weeks flew by so fast. Classes started and i couldn't be more happy with my freshman schedule. I have some amazing teachers and I am learning so much! My roomates are fun also but I usually hang out with my friends down stairs, the girls that I am moving in with next semister.

We all laughed for hours cause my legs are so much shorter than any of theirs.

Utah for Shelby's birthday.

I have some really cool FHE brothers and we hang out all the time. Jason is my favorite and he really is like a brother to me.

I also have a new boyfriend. His name is Ty Taylor. We have been dateing a little less and a month but I have never liked a boy so much. He is a wonderful guy and treats me like a princess. Who knows where this relationship is going but it sure is going : )

First date. 80's bowling.

We made carmel apples and carved pumpkins.

I also have made friends with the girls that live below me. They are wonderful girls. Lara and Brittany are sisters and are from Laguna Hills, CA. Jordan is another really good friend and she is from Island Empire, CA. My other best friend is Lauren, she is adorable and from Washington.



The Girls.

I have definatly been having the time of my life.

Last Days in Turlock.

I'm finally off to college! Turlock was fun while it lasted but I couldn't be happier in my new home. This summer was an amazing last few months in Turlock and I wouldn't trade that time for anything in the world. So heres a re-cap of my summer.
I finally graduated!

Diploma in hand!

Our family and the Stiles family biked from Pier 39 in San Francisco over the Golden Gate Bridge and into Sausalito. 12 miles. I was definatly not the fastest but I still made it!

Our stake put on an LDS Prom. Me and Ashley went and it was a ton of fun!

Our Family went to Maui!

My mom and I went on the parasail thing because we both didn't want to get dunked...

They dunked us anyways.

Mama's Fish House. (amazing food)

The Hula Grill.

Its alwasy fun to attend the hawaiian wards! they are so welcoming. ALOHA!

That was pretty much my summer. Some of my favorite things that I got to do were; babysit little addie belo, hang out with my family, go to Santa Cruz with my friends megan and bobbi and get ready to leave for college.