Monday, January 31, 2011


i hate mondays.
i want my hair to grow faster.
i am very excited for fhe tonight.
i like to sleep, my dad does not like me to sleep.
i am going to work so I will finish this up later :)

Saturday, January 29, 2011

feelin craftyyy.

Since I work for a company that makes hair bows, headbands and everything to do with putting flowers into your wardrobe I decided this week that I would make some of my own accessories to place atop my noggin.
I also surprised my little sis and whipped her up a few as well.
Who said only babies could wear these things?
Abby and my matching white daisies...
Hippie daisy.
I like this one better when I put in on the collar of my blazer.
Perfect for fall...
This one if my favorite kind to make...
and this one is my favorite...
I am very mono-chromatic lately; white skin, white hair, white teeth, white clothes.
You get the picture.
and the last...
I love getting crafty, especially when I reap the rewards of it.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

the cone.

My poor little puppy has to wear this around his head for a week...
I actually think it is extremely hilarious and laugh every time I see him.
He looks like a vacuum when he tries to pick up his toys or bones off the ground.
The part that I most like about the cone, is that it limits his OCD habits. Wags likes to hide under any and all furniture in our home. In the past few months his favorite place has been under my bed and dresser. I don't mind accept for when he constantly licks himself and makes the most annoying noise, scratches at the posts under my bed, doesn't listen to a word I say when he's under there, and will not come out. So yes I guess I mind it, I mind it very much.
OCD little Wags also this week has to take medication which makes him even more hyper than he already is so he has been a night owl with me.
I felt bad earlier because I could hear him outside my closed door whining to come in, so I let him. I pet him for a few minutes and then he jumped off my bed and started ramming his "cone" into my baseboard trying to get himself under the bed, which he continually attempted to do for another five minutes. I was laughing hysterically the first two of those minutes and then of course started to get annoyed. I yelled at him several times "no wags" because I thought there was no way he was getting under there. I thought wrong, and he eventually maneuvered he and his cone under my bed right as I tried to grab him.
He is, at the moment, still under my bed and trying to fit his cone back out.
I am, at the moment, still annoyed with him and don't want to help him out... I guess we'll have to see if I come around.
Goodnight :)

"what's a week end?"

I have become newly addicted to a Lifetime mini-series called Downton Abbey... hence where the title for this entry came from. It's about a wealthy family set in the time of Titanic and their drama. I love it, especially because everyday they change into gorgeous elaborate gowns for dinner and are waited on hand and foot. I would kill to have been alive at that time... well as long as I had money.
On to my weekend and it was a good one! Friday I worked and then went to the mall and to eat BJ's with my friend Kristen, whom I also worked at Bronze body with. After dinner we went to our friend Lisa and Tino's house. Lisa is a manager at Mac and is a magician when it comes to making your face look good. We played and played and then I came home and dozed off for the night.
Saturday I slept in and then lounged around all day. Me, the fam bam and the Stiles went to dinner at Applebees and then I wet and hung out with Megan and Erin.
The only better thing than having two best friends is having two best friends that get along.
I normally hang out with Erin or I hang out with Megan, but Saturday night we all hung out together and boy, was it fun. Me and my two bests.
We went out to our friend Jessica's birthday party, bonfired and chatted it up. It was so much fun. I saw some friends that I hadn't seen since high school and may or may not have re-connected with a boy from long ago... and that's all I'm saying!
Sunday I was in the nursery for church and I am yet again left wanting a baby.
I don't know how much longer I can be surrounded by baby stuff without going crazy!

dust off the blades.

Once upon a time I worked at a tanning salon where I met the most wonderful girl named Maggie. Five years later we are still good friends and her amazing sister still makes my hair beautiful and frosty. Maggie and I have joked since we met that we would go rollerblading someday. Well last week our little joke actually happened. I called up Mags and told her that we had to do it or it would never happen.
So much fun! And let me tell you if you want a dang good workout, strap on some roller blades and go for about a mile and a half... my thighs killed me for days!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

NOM nom NOM.

I can not believe that I am admitting this on my blog but... it is that time of the month for yours truly. And whenever Aunt Flow comes to town I have to have some type of chocolaty treat around to grab. Last night I, as always, was blog stalking. I was on one of my favorite food blogs, Picky Palate, when I encountered these babys Candy Bar Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwiches. The pictures alone made me drool and so I decided I would make them today. The recipe is on the link I posted but here are the...
2 sticks softened butter
1 Cup granulated sugar
3/4 Cup brown sugar
2 large eggs
1 Tablespoon pure vanilla
3 1/2 Cups all purpose flour
1 teaspoon baking soda
1/2 teaspoon kosher salt
10 oz bag chocolate chips
Variety of snack size candy bars
[I used Reeses Peanut Butter Cups, Snickers and Kit Kat, and Twix]

yum YUM yum

chocolate heaven... Little Betty Crocker, pardon the scrubs I am wearing. bakinggggg... ooey gooey yummy nummy. Best Cookies Ever.
What was even better was that while I was at the store getting a few extra things I needed to create this masterpiece to satisfy my chocolate crave I found this...
Holy Cow... haha I was so happy I almost cried. REAL MILK with out the lactose. Yes, I hate all things organic because they are just overpriced and a crock BUT this glorious half-gallon of Milk that is free of tummy aches was only $3.28. Not too bad I might say.

And now two cookies and two wonderful glasses of milk later I am very satisfied. I think I might just jump into bed just like the cow on the carton.

Other activities occupying my time:
Dinner date with Dad and Abby to Chevy's tonight.
Lunch at Olde Tyme with Mommy today.
Lots of sleeping.
Manicure from a funny little Chinese man.
Friday Night family dates to Costco.
Sunday Migraines.
Taking medicine for Migraines.
Sleeping all day Monday because of drowsiness from migraine medicine.
Spending lots of quality time with the fam bam.
Listening to Pandora radio.
Skyping with friends.
And of course loving every second that I am in California and not Snow-ville :)

Friday, January 14, 2011

working girlllll.

My first week of work is done, I love my job.
I am a personal assistant to the one and only Penny Godwin, co-owner of
If you have a daughter, niece, granddaughter, any little girl in your life... buy her a hair bow. Penny and Nancy's business makes some of the most beautiful hair pieces I have ever seen and yes I own many of them. I am so happy to be working for them and I seriously LOVE my job. I'll love it even more when I get a fat pay check :)

saddest news ever.

I am officially [sick tummy for about a month] allergic to this wonderful beverage that I like up drink daily and is in almost all food that I love. It's impossible for me to not consume it.
My sweet mother has been lactose intolerant ever since she was a young buck. I inherited this from her. I was not happy when last semester I would get terrible stomach pains when I would have a glass of milk. I may or may not have cried when I found out milk makes me sick. I love milk, I mean I wasn't nicknamed Macy Moo when I was a kiddo for just any reason. I did grow up surrounded by dairies and cows.
Anyways sad fact, I will never drink a full glass of milk ever again. I just about died last week when I did and I never want to go through that again. So while you are sipping on some milk, eating cheese, munching on ice cream, slurping yogurt, or spreading butter just think of sad little me who has to take a pill every time I want to touch any of those things. Very annoying.

new years!

I spent my New Years with one of my best friends, Courtney. I drove down to Laguna Beach on the 29th of December ready for a few days of absolute fun. I made it there in 4 hours and 52 minutes, record to date. Once I arrived Courtney and I went and got Cafe Rio for dinner and then called it a night.
December 30th: Knott's Berry Farm amusement park... not very amusing. We had lots of fun, but everyone and their mom was at the park that day. We were there a total of about six hours and rode a total of two rides and in my book that counts as pathetic. All in all those two rides were a rush and we ate some great food!
Dined at Pink's, a famous diner right outside Knotts. Delicious!
Court and I dressed up like tourists, looks on our faces and all.
This picture was taken after two hours of waiting in line... finally almost there. Well not for the front row, which we waited another thirty minutes for.
December 31st: NewYearsEve! Court and I spent the day lounging and then met up with Gina at the Irvine Spectrum for shopping and dinner. We went back to Court's house and got ready for the Fire and Ice Singles dance. We picked up Katy and drove to the warehouse where it was located. It was so much fun! We danced away 2010 and kissed in 2011. Too bad I dont remember the guys name, but he was sure hot.
January 1st: Great way to start off the new year, with Venice Beach. And it just happens to be my favorite place in the world. I especially loved the crazies we saw. We walked the strip, shopped and gazed at the beautiful street art. Best part was the friendly and interesting people who decided to talk to us.
here is one of them...
Happy New Year, with my best friend.
I would kill to live on Venice Beach.
The graffiti is amazing...
I found a boyfriend...
We walked over to the skating area, watched the greatest dance moved I have ever seen and laughed until we had six packs on our abs. Then watched the skaters in the skate park. I was very impressed.
January 2nd: Church and packing up to leave. If I were in Idaho, the freeways would have been clear but because of a storm over the Grapevine, I-5 was closed all Sunday. I have to take a lovely trip through Santa Barbara to get home. I sat through four hours of traffic to get there too, where it should only take an hour from LA. I spent the night in Paso Robles and was finally home around 1:30 p.m. the next day, taking me a total of twenty-one hours to get home. Not a fun drive home, but it was one of the best trips to visit Courtney I have ever had.

i'm in the club.

Yes that blog title was an unintentional pun. After Christmas I joined Dad, Ab, Ky and the Missionaries on the golf course to hit some balls. It was so much fun! It was cool to actually be invited and to go the course with the fam.
We loved our last set of missionaries in our ward.
They sadly got transferred the about two weeks ago and we miss seeing them.
They were fun to have around!
All of the sisters out at Stevenson Ranch.
First time in probably 10+ years. Abs and I shared a cart, even though I walked a bunch.
Best part of the day was when I hit quite the drive on the first hole and I was golfing with dad's clubs, he is left handed. It was fun to give being a lefty a try.

pictures. pictures. pictures.

It was quite the fiasco trying to get our Christmas card and family pictures together this Christmas. After all the yelling and many different ideas we put together a time with my Auntie Linda to do a family shoot. She also put together our card which was beautiful.
We all put our fake smiles on and evded up having a blast taking pictures.
my favorite :)

Love this family to death and I am so happy they are mine for eternity.

Christmasss time.

December 24th: Cleaning, cooking, running erans. Annual Christmas Eve Party at the Brad Falke abode. Families in attendance: Walt Falke Family, Matt Falke Family, Stiles Family, King Family, Gauthier Family. We had a total blast playing games, doing the Nativity story, laughing, chatting and stuffing our peckers full of delicious homemade rolls, chips and dip/salsa, shrimp, fruit salad, pretzel jello salad, meats and cheeses, pasta, broccoli salad, spinach dip and countless mouth watering desserts. Then for me it was off to the Stryker home for their annual Christmas Eve Bash. Caught up with high school friends and ate even more food. YUM!
December 25th: We slept in, opened gifts one at a time and forgot to leave cookies and milk out for Santa. First official grown up Christmas morning. Loved it!

Added this babe to my purse...
We spend the afternoon/evening at Nanny and Pop's house. Ate lots more food.
Came home, skyped with Jonny and then watched a movie.
Lovely Christmas.

December 26th: Church was very insightful. Came home, took a nap and the was awoken by three hilarious and excited little boys. The Kurtz's, my cousin Chris, his wife Britt and three boys Mikey, Luke and Keaton came to visit from Novato. Chris is a cousin on Mom's side and although it is not good to pick favorites, Chris and Britt have that title in my book. Many memories with these two and their kids.
All the kiddos.
Memories with the Kurtz:
Chris and Britt came to our house as newlyweds. They were out back in our hot tub and my little perv self, I was probably about 8, sang "Do a little dance, Make a little Love, Get down tonight Oooo Oooo Get down tonight" out the slider door to them.

Around the same time, while C&B were still in the newlywed stage somehow they agreed to have me, Ky and Ab come visit them in Arizona. We went to the mall, played in their friends apartment complex pool, made mini scrap books and laughed at little Abby's farts.

Going on a family vacation to visit them in St.George. We played and played, went to Britt's mom's condo and swam and almost went on a hot air balloon ride... but the weather wasn't right for flying.
Three of the four years of EFY, Ashley and I stayed an extra week at their house in Draper. Countless memories from these summer visits. Some include hilarious dates with EFY boys for me and ash with C&B, getting caught in the kitchen kissing a boy... yes Chris&Britt I am still embarrassed, movie nights, birthday parties for me and baking bread.
Staying with the Kurtz's when Papa and I went on a daddy-daughter trip to see a BYU football game and have lots of play time!
Visits to their newest dwelling in Novato, CA. Walks, meeting the chickens before the boys' Easter surprise, more bread baking, and wonderful chats with Britt.

chi-chong, cho cho chong, bo-cho.

  • Having them come visit us and scootering with the boys and watching them grow up.

The Kurtz's are definitely a lovely sparkle in my life and I am so happy to be related to such wonderful people inside and out. Having them come to visit was a Christmas treat!


Although pets are very much forbidden in my apartment complex, me and my roommates decided we needed a man of the house last semester. A black lab we named Tucker was our choice for playful company and he could not have come at a better time. I needed some love and a puppy was exactly the thing to give it to me.
Isn't the little booger cute!
Biggest smile on my face because of this little man.
Always there for kisses.
Playful little guy.
No, we couldn't keep him all semester but the two weeks I did have him were joyous. There is nothing better than the cutest little puppy face licking you when you wake up in the morning! He got to be all too much to handle so my good friend Justin lovingly adopted him, renamed him Aros and took him home to live in the Vail household.