Friday, January 14, 2011

Christmasss time.

December 24th: Cleaning, cooking, running erans. Annual Christmas Eve Party at the Brad Falke abode. Families in attendance: Walt Falke Family, Matt Falke Family, Stiles Family, King Family, Gauthier Family. We had a total blast playing games, doing the Nativity story, laughing, chatting and stuffing our peckers full of delicious homemade rolls, chips and dip/salsa, shrimp, fruit salad, pretzel jello salad, meats and cheeses, pasta, broccoli salad, spinach dip and countless mouth watering desserts. Then for me it was off to the Stryker home for their annual Christmas Eve Bash. Caught up with high school friends and ate even more food. YUM!
December 25th: We slept in, opened gifts one at a time and forgot to leave cookies and milk out for Santa. First official grown up Christmas morning. Loved it!

Added this babe to my purse...
We spend the afternoon/evening at Nanny and Pop's house. Ate lots more food.
Came home, skyped with Jonny and then watched a movie.
Lovely Christmas.

December 26th: Church was very insightful. Came home, took a nap and the was awoken by three hilarious and excited little boys. The Kurtz's, my cousin Chris, his wife Britt and three boys Mikey, Luke and Keaton came to visit from Novato. Chris is a cousin on Mom's side and although it is not good to pick favorites, Chris and Britt have that title in my book. Many memories with these two and their kids.
All the kiddos.
Memories with the Kurtz:
Chris and Britt came to our house as newlyweds. They were out back in our hot tub and my little perv self, I was probably about 8, sang "Do a little dance, Make a little Love, Get down tonight Oooo Oooo Get down tonight" out the slider door to them.

Around the same time, while C&B were still in the newlywed stage somehow they agreed to have me, Ky and Ab come visit them in Arizona. We went to the mall, played in their friends apartment complex pool, made mini scrap books and laughed at little Abby's farts.

Going on a family vacation to visit them in St.George. We played and played, went to Britt's mom's condo and swam and almost went on a hot air balloon ride... but the weather wasn't right for flying.
Three of the four years of EFY, Ashley and I stayed an extra week at their house in Draper. Countless memories from these summer visits. Some include hilarious dates with EFY boys for me and ash with C&B, getting caught in the kitchen kissing a boy... yes Chris&Britt I am still embarrassed, movie nights, birthday parties for me and baking bread.
Staying with the Kurtz's when Papa and I went on a daddy-daughter trip to see a BYU football game and have lots of play time!
Visits to their newest dwelling in Novato, CA. Walks, meeting the chickens before the boys' Easter surprise, more bread baking, and wonderful chats with Britt.

chi-chong, cho cho chong, bo-cho.

  • Having them come visit us and scootering with the boys and watching them grow up.

The Kurtz's are definitely a lovely sparkle in my life and I am so happy to be related to such wonderful people inside and out. Having them come to visit was a Christmas treat!

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Kristy said...

Oh boy...I almost cried reading all of your fun memories with Chris and Britt! Oh how I love them too :)