Thursday, January 6, 2011

my "brother's" sister.

Brad's sister Erica came for a visit this semester! Since my school has a lovely honor code with a rule that no girls can sleep in boy's housing I had the privilege of having Erica stay with me. She is a doll and I am so sad I am not in Rexburg this winter to keep her company.
The first morning she was here Bradley came and woke us up around 9:00 a.m. and told us we had twenty minutes to get up, dressed and ready to go dirt biking. We met up with Jonny, grabbed the bikes and drove the forty-five minutes or so to Kelly Canyon.
Once we were there the boys hopped on their bikes, Erica and I got on the quad and we headed up the canyon. The day was beyond perfect and we couldn't have been in a more gorgeous place.
[Sadly this is the only picture that Erica and I took... and our hair is covering our faces. At least the background is gorgeous]
After a few hours of riding we stopped, the boys made a fire, and we roasted hot dogs and... pop tarts hahaha.
[I think this is the cutest picture I have ever taken.]
Me and Jonny...
Tripod. My two favorite boys.
Bradley the brother my parents never gave me.
The boys in their riding gear.
On the way back Erica drove half way and then I took over and almost flipped us off of a cliff. Luckily there was a tree right where we started to tip and we both shoved into the tree and pushed our two wheels that were in the air back to the ground.
Note to self: Never offer to drive down a straight drop ever again.
The rest of the time Erica was in Rexburg we ate lots of food, played with the boys and laughed more than I can remember. It was a very fun weekend!

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Kristy said...

Looks like it was a very fun weekend!