Friday, January 14, 2011


Although pets are very much forbidden in my apartment complex, me and my roommates decided we needed a man of the house last semester. A black lab we named Tucker was our choice for playful company and he could not have come at a better time. I needed some love and a puppy was exactly the thing to give it to me.
Isn't the little booger cute!
Biggest smile on my face because of this little man.
Always there for kisses.
Playful little guy.
No, we couldn't keep him all semester but the two weeks I did have him were joyous. There is nothing better than the cutest little puppy face licking you when you wake up in the morning! He got to be all too much to handle so my good friend Justin lovingly adopted him, renamed him Aros and took him home to live in the Vail household.

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Kristy said...

So adorable...I didn't know Justin took him home to live...too sweet!