Thursday, January 6, 2011

blind date.

I honestly don't even remember his name... I think it was Austin or something. My good friend Abby "Coops" Stanford set me up on a blind date which ended up being just hang out time for us two. We went bowling at Teton Lanes and then enjoyed a delicious treat at Jamba Juice.
I love this woman, she is amazing.
I thoroughly enjoyed my date with Coops
and it was good to have Clark [Abby's hub] and whatever his name was along for the fun.
Something about bowling shoes makes me always want to take them, but then I remember how ugly they are if you are not trying to knock over pins with ginormous balls all while under black lights with disco music playing.
So no, I didn't fall in love but that might have been because I bowled a 42. Whoops.

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