Thursday, January 6, 2011

fam bam all in UTAH.

The weekend before Thanksgiving I drove down to Provo, Utah, where my beautiful older sister Kylie resides, to watch her dance her tail off at her Ballroom Nationals Competition. I was very happy to hear a few days before I left that Mom and Abby were going to fly up to watch as well. I was ecstatic to see them but the topper on the cake had to be while I was on my way phoning Mom, who had already landed, and hearing my papa's voice on the other end. Meaning that dad had surprised me and hopped the flight as well and I would finally get that big bear hug from my daddy that I had been needing all semester. Our family would finally be all together again for the first time since summer.

It was the best weekend I had all semester! I absolutely loved being with every member of the fam bam. We spent most of our time either in the Wilkinson Center watching Ky dance or eating at various delicious restaurants.

Ky took third in her Novice Latin competition and we were all so proud of her! I love going to Ky's competitions. One of Kylie's cheering sections.

Me, Mom, Brady Nash [friend from Powell this summer] and Ab.

Abs and I had fun watching, talking and laughing. While I was in Provo we got to see and visit with many friends. Our favorite past missionaries Collin and Bret came down from Salt Lake to see us and watch Ky. I got to go and visit with my London roommate Jake. It was wonderful to catch up with and see him. And my favorite part was getting to see this boy... Call-e-wog! Me and Mr. Call Hyer have been friends since diapers. I miss us living down the street from each other but I am happy that I get to see him when I visit the promise land of Provo, Utah. We talked about our recent happenings and joked and laughed over childhood memories as we always do. I love him very much.

Everything put together made for a wonderful trip!

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Kylie said...

That was so much fun Mace! What a good post! Love you! Love, Ky :)