Saturday, January 8, 2011

year anniversary.

a year ago today I boarded a plane to London
where I spent the most amazing five months of my life
seeing the most beautiful places,
eating the most delicious food,
meeting the most incredible people,
and shopping daily in the greatest city on earth.

today I woke up, took a shower
job searched and ate soup...

I miss everything about that day a year ago.
my life feels very uneventful right about now.
blogfest continues tomorrow. goodnight.


Laura said...

i crave london

Kylie said...

It's ok Mace...we all have different stages of life, and we should breathe them all in, each what they're worth to us. Love you so much and miss you! Good job on getting the job with Penny and the almost job at "Frost"! That's exciting :) Love, Ky

Kristy said...

What a blessing your London experience was Macy! I am sure it is hard to compare last year to this year, but we sure are happy to have you here with us and grateful you have your memories of London to look back on...