Thursday, January 6, 2011


To savor the wonderfully mild fall weather we were having in November [usually Rexburg is covered in snow by then] a few friends and I went out to our summer spot, Monkey Rock, to have a final bonfire for the year.
Logan, Me, Court, Steph and Jaron. Logan, my little boy from the South.
Me and my ladiesssss Courtney and Stephanie.
I miss these girls so much already... until next spring!

The whole group.
Much smaller group than we normally have at Monkey Rock.
Too bad this time we couldn't jump into the river or go in the waterfall.
I miss summer!
And finally Jaron. He's a peach and a sweetheart. Love that boy.
Bonfires have retired for the winter
but will be back come spring and better than ever.

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