Sunday, January 9, 2011

General Conference.

For some reason I had it in my head that I had already documented this event but looking back I had somehow left it out, and it's too good to be left out.
General Conference Weekend.
Drove down to Salt Lake/Provo for the weekend and lived it up.
Friday night was spent at Studio for the annual Conference dance.
Saturday was a miracle. Enjoyed and lovely breakfast and the morning session at Karson and Betsy's house. I mostly just played with their adorable little peanut, Izzy. We changed and Ky and I hit the road for Salt Lake and the afternoon session. Ky and I were not as prompt as we had planned, traffic was a mess and parking was TERRIBLE. So I willingly gave up my chance to see the Prophet speak live and very sadly dropped off Ky at the front door. Little did I know that as I was driving down the street I would see an adorable little man, my angel, flagging me into a parking lot where there was one spot left just for my little car, score! If that wasn't a testimony builder, than I don't know what to believe!
I literally sprinted in four inch heels, embarrassing, to the Conference Center and made it just in time to take my seat next to Ky, Lauren Rollins and their friend Alex Burke.
Hearing the Prophet speak in person is something I would fail at miserably to describe on my little blog. It's wonderful and you will have to hear him for yourself sometime to know what I am talking about. I love the church and what a wonderful spirit the Gospel brings.
Me and KyKy in the Conference Center, lovely!
Me, Ky, Lauren and Alex!
After Conference Ky went with the girls to Park City while I went to see my London loves Laura and Christina. We chatted, got all caught up on each others lives, laughed over old jokes and the fact that Christina wears g's now and knows all the secrets, and went to see a movie with Christina's wonderful mother.
I went back to Provo for the night and stayed with Gina, Court and Steph.
Sunday I woke up early, picked up Katy Rea and Drove out to Park City to see Ky, Lauren and Alex. Lauren is a saint to say the least and I love her dearly. The had a scrumptious breakfast for us and we watched Conference. I had never been to Park City before and Lauren's family has thee most gorgeous home atop a beautiful mountain with a breath taking view.
I was in heaven... literally.
Ky and I with Park City to our backs.
My favorite Canadian, Katy Rea.
Katy and I then drove back to Rexburg just in time to miss a nasty storm.
I love Conference weekend and my last few of them have been spent in some amazing places.

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Kristy said...

I hadn't heard the story of the cute man waving you into the last parking space...sweet! So glad that you got to go to Conference! By the way, the photos of you and Kylie are adorable!