Saturday, September 18, 2010

4 wheels. lots of mud.

My dearest darlingest Momsie and Popsicle lovingly accompanied me in the 14 hour trek to my second home in Idaho. Mom and I drove in my car and Papa drove the burban close ahead. I was so happy to have them to help me in moving everything I have collected, decor and furniture wise, in the past three years.
While they were still here the boys took us up to Pack Saddle Lake. A place I have heard tons about but only been cool enough go to while my parents were around. The boys dirt biked and Mommy, Papa, and I rode quads.
I've never felt so liberated.
Mama and I were bundled up.
She is so adorable :)
Once we were to the top of the mountain we hiked and 4-wheeled down to the lake. It was gorgeous despite the downpour of rain and frozen phalanges.
The boys pulled their boy scout skills together and started a fire and daddy used his skills to make sure the trees didn't go up in flames. Thanks to Jonny's wonderful mother we had tin foil dinners that were amazing in the cold.
On the way back to the trucks I rode behind Justin and ate, I'm sure, as least half a pound of dirt but I wouldn't have had it any other way.

When we got back to the trucks we realized Jonny and Brad were missing so Daddy and Justin rode up to find the boys. Half an hour later after the biggest freak out of my life, they came riding in literally frozen and relieved to be back.

We went to Jonny's house to dry off and then headed to the thriving metropolis of Roberts, Idaho to eat at Bj's Bayou. [look it up, very worth it] We got to hear all the creepy ghost stories and enjoyed the Cajun food we ordered.

Mommy, Papa, Alyssa and I hung out the next day and had dinner at another golden spot called Chiz's in St.Anthony. Papa was in heaven with the food. I'm sure he'll want to come and visit me more often because of it. After a night full of laughs and sleep, mom and dad left me to fend for myself yet again in this wasteland.

I miss them ridiculous amounts already.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

ending summer.

Summer is my favorite season.
I have California to thank for that.
Everything wonderful seems to happen in summer.
I.E. my birth, tan skin, first kisses, warm midnight air, sunny days at the beach, trips to lovely places and to top all of that off there is no school to deal with.
I ended this summer with the greatest people in the world.
Which is how it should be ended.
Mid August I took a little road trip to southern California to see Courtney and Gina. It was one of the greatest weekends I have spent with these two in a long time. We went to Venice Beach, the "Top of the World" in Laguna and everywhere in between.
Venice is my favorite spots down south...
especially when my Asian is with me. LOVE Gina :)
We had a very EVENTFUL day at Venice beach.
Saturday we met up with Brad and Jonny who then came home with me for another week of memory making.
I literally have the greatest friends in the world,
sorry to those of you who don't have them as well.
You're missing out.

We got back to Turlock around 5:00 Sunday evening and just in time to head over to the Trilby's for some delicious Sunday dinner, games and laughs.

Monday, after a morning of relaxing, the fam bam and boys stuffed in the burban and drove to San Francisco for an amazing Giants game. 11-3. EPIC.
The game was amazing, the food was great but the company was unbeatable.
Tuesday was dedicated to wake boarding and catching rays.
Mama, Papa, Jonny, Brad and I spend the day on good ol' Don P.
Papa let me have a go at driving the Bu.
I honestly doubt I could look any more white trash...
In my opinion this is the greatest picture of all times.
I am an amazing photographer
and that father of mine is quite the model.
If you mixed Jonny's scruff with my hat and glasses,
you might just have a child molester on your hands.
but I think we are cute...
Lets just say my life would sure be boring without these two studly men.
Tuesday night Justin flew in to join in on the fun. Sadly we made him wait for us at the airport for a few hours as we got home from the lake and headed to the airport... but I personally think it was worth the wait.
Wednesday the boys and I drove to the coast where we indulged in Santa Cruz's finest cuisine, Pizza my Heart, poked around the shore line and dropped some cash on essentials.
Thursday was another day at the lake but this time the girls and Justin joined us.
Pardon the Afro atop my head.
Sadly I had to bring Brad to the airport early Friday morning and Justin and Jonny followed suit in saying farewell a few hours after I got back from bringing Brad.
The Falke house was sadly empty after the departing of the boys.
I was very ready to be back at school too.
Three days of packing and one more stop at Don Pedro to use my surf board one last time and just like that summer was over.
The past five months came and went so quickly it seems but when I really look back I sure lived up my summer. I spent countless hours with my favorite kids, the Gauthiers. I visited Idaho and friends there for two weeks and had the time of my life. I got to dance in the rain. I smiled, a lot. I spent a week in Kauai. I had two extra weeks to fall in love with London all over because of a volcano. I played scrabble with Mama many late nights in a row. I got to watch my little sis go to her first prom. I spent a magical week with the fam bam and new friends on Lake Powell. I wake boarded and surfed my bum off. I met my goals for the summer. I got to tell my Papa that I love him in person everyday. I spent quality time with my puppers, Wags. I didn't have to deal with boy drama! I got to see my big sis for two straight months, the most since we were both in high school. I spoke in church. I was able to cater to mama's needs on mothers day. I was able to intern for an amazing wedding planner I met on the plane ride home from London. I spent time with me myself and I, much needed alone time.
And I laughed more that I ever thought I could.
So goodbye summer.
I will never forget you.