Saturday, September 18, 2010

4 wheels. lots of mud.

My dearest darlingest Momsie and Popsicle lovingly accompanied me in the 14 hour trek to my second home in Idaho. Mom and I drove in my car and Papa drove the burban close ahead. I was so happy to have them to help me in moving everything I have collected, decor and furniture wise, in the past three years.
While they were still here the boys took us up to Pack Saddle Lake. A place I have heard tons about but only been cool enough go to while my parents were around. The boys dirt biked and Mommy, Papa, and I rode quads.
I've never felt so liberated.
Mama and I were bundled up.
She is so adorable :)
Once we were to the top of the mountain we hiked and 4-wheeled down to the lake. It was gorgeous despite the downpour of rain and frozen phalanges.
The boys pulled their boy scout skills together and started a fire and daddy used his skills to make sure the trees didn't go up in flames. Thanks to Jonny's wonderful mother we had tin foil dinners that were amazing in the cold.
On the way back to the trucks I rode behind Justin and ate, I'm sure, as least half a pound of dirt but I wouldn't have had it any other way.

When we got back to the trucks we realized Jonny and Brad were missing so Daddy and Justin rode up to find the boys. Half an hour later after the biggest freak out of my life, they came riding in literally frozen and relieved to be back.

We went to Jonny's house to dry off and then headed to the thriving metropolis of Roberts, Idaho to eat at Bj's Bayou. [look it up, very worth it] We got to hear all the creepy ghost stories and enjoyed the Cajun food we ordered.

Mommy, Papa, Alyssa and I hung out the next day and had dinner at another golden spot called Chiz's in St.Anthony. Papa was in heaven with the food. I'm sure he'll want to come and visit me more often because of it. After a night full of laughs and sleep, mom and dad left me to fend for myself yet again in this wasteland.

I miss them ridiculous amounts already.


Kristy said...

Great post Macy. I'm glad we went to help you. Chiz's is the BEST!!! Like Arnold says...I'll be back. Love you sweetie. Dad

Kristy said...

We miss you too already too! I can finally get on your blog again as we installed a new search engine that allows us to view it...FINALLY!!! That day on the quads was so fun. You have fun friends Macy and it was sweet of you to let us share in the fun that day! Love you...Mom