Thursday, January 27, 2011

the cone.

My poor little puppy has to wear this around his head for a week...
I actually think it is extremely hilarious and laugh every time I see him.
He looks like a vacuum when he tries to pick up his toys or bones off the ground.
The part that I most like about the cone, is that it limits his OCD habits. Wags likes to hide under any and all furniture in our home. In the past few months his favorite place has been under my bed and dresser. I don't mind accept for when he constantly licks himself and makes the most annoying noise, scratches at the posts under my bed, doesn't listen to a word I say when he's under there, and will not come out. So yes I guess I mind it, I mind it very much.
OCD little Wags also this week has to take medication which makes him even more hyper than he already is so he has been a night owl with me.
I felt bad earlier because I could hear him outside my closed door whining to come in, so I let him. I pet him for a few minutes and then he jumped off my bed and started ramming his "cone" into my baseboard trying to get himself under the bed, which he continually attempted to do for another five minutes. I was laughing hysterically the first two of those minutes and then of course started to get annoyed. I yelled at him several times "no wags" because I thought there was no way he was getting under there. I thought wrong, and he eventually maneuvered he and his cone under my bed right as I tried to grab him.
He is, at the moment, still under my bed and trying to fit his cone back out.
I am, at the moment, still annoyed with him and don't want to help him out... I guess we'll have to see if I come around.
Goodnight :)


vocalise said...

Hahaha. Caramel went through this! Ty was laughing this morning telling us about Wags trying to go up the stairs! P.S. Anne Marie is obsessed with all of your blog music. I concur.

vocalise said...
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vocalise said...
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Melissa Stevens said...

Hahahaha that is hilarious! Miss you!

Kristy said...

What can I say...he is a crazy boy! Sorry for that crazy night with him under your bed :(