Sunday, January 9, 2011

giving thanks, thanksgiving.

three words. week long party
It has become a tread the last two years for me to bring home a slew of men to good ole' Turlock to dine, laugh and play with me and my family. Well last year Bradley was the only lucky one to come for a visit but this year there were many, many more.

I am fortunate enough to have a whole week off of school for Thanksgiving, no measly two days for me :) So Thursday after class was out I packed up my suitcase and got all ready to head for home Friday morning. I woke up early the next morning, picked up Chase and Bradley and drove a mear fourteen hours to start off a wonderful week at the Falke homestead.
We got in late Friday night and because we were still pretty tired from the drive, well I was, we just chilled Saturday. We ate lunch at Hilmar Cheese and Dad kindly took the boys golfing. He loves having all the extra testosterone around the house.
Sunday was church where I am sure many of the ward members were thinking "not again". I am sure they all think I have way too many prospects. And it didn't help my case out when Chase had me scratch his back in Sacrament meeting because you all know what that means... hahahaha! Normal Mormon girls only bring a guy home for the holidays when things are getting serious but I am obviously not a typical Mormon girl, thank goodness. I just have made sure that Daddy gets lots of practice in preparing for the day when I bring home the one that isn't just a friend. You are welcome papa!
Monday was lovely. After much persuading I was able to get the whole family [-Ky who hadn't arrived from Provo yet] to accompany me and the boys on a jaunt to San Francisco. The day started out beautiful. We walked along Pier 39, ate authentic clam chowder [extra Tabasco!], went to Giredelli Square and did just a bit of shopping.
From this picture you can see that Abby is quite tall... I think papa hates that.
I love love LOVE every person in this picture.
Golden Gate Bridge in the background.
Me, Chase on my back, Abby with Bradley on her back.
Cuteeeeee Mama.
I pray every night that I will age as beautifully as my Mother.
Then came the rain, and it poured and poured.
Mom and dad headed to the airport to grab the last member of the Brad Falke clan and the rest of us headed to Pleasanton for retail therapy that Dad would never appreciate. Once the package [Kylie] was retrieved we all met up to eat a lovely dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. Next time you are there get the enchiladas, the are to DIE for!
Tuesday was another day of relaxation and Dad took the boys golfing yet again. Then it was time to part, Chase and I took Bradley to the airport in the early afternoon. On our way home we got word that the next batch of boys had arrived!
Jonny and Justin had been down in southern California for our friend Landon's wedding and drove up to spend Thanksgiving with the fam bam. I was ecstatic!
As soon as we rolled into the drive way hugs were exchanged and smiles could not be wiped off of faces. That night around midnight, Jonny and I decided we would take Chase to the airport instead of the alternative plan of sleeping for two hours and leaving at two in the morning. We had a lovely drive where Jonny and Chase slept and I blasted my chick music and sang.

Wednesday Me, Ashley Gleason [my best friend] Jonny and Justin had a day in Santa Cruz. We looked [just looked because it was freezing] at the beach, took forever to decide where we were going to eat, went downtown and ended up eating at some nasty little Mexican restaurant and stopped in Urban Outfitters [my fav] and a candy store where I purchased some hopeful looking chocolate covered bacon. Bacon, good: chocolate, good... chocolate covered bacon, not amazing.
Long drive for a short trip but once we had left the lovely SC we drove to Hayward and picked up the Fins.
Background story: Justin [who likes to be called joey or jj] served his mission in Finland. His Mission Pres had the missionaries do things to get to know the people of Finland better so He and [I think] his companion coached a football team. Two of his team's members , Janne and Max not live in the Bay Area.
We picked up Max and Janne (pronounced ya-nay) and went back to the homestead.

Now finally to Thursday, Thanksgiving!
We obviously, as we always do, spend the glorious day full of way too much amazing food at Nanny and Pop's humble abode.
These are my favorite two men, besides my Papa, in the whole world.
Jonny Wade and Justin 'Joey' Vail.
[great names!]
After stuffing our selves with turkey, potatoes, stuffing and every other food item that would be considered thankful we walked down to the "ditch" to play. The girls played games with Bradley Falke Jr's kidos and all of the men started up a Turkey Bowl game. I don't remember who won but I am happy to say that the Fins enjoyed their first American Thanksgiving.
Ky and I played with Gala and Paisley.
Isn't she just drop dead gorg!
Paisley, who pronounces her name Plaisley and I put loads of lip gloss on.
She likes to kiss it off too. I love this doll face :)
Abby [Wubbas] and I chased Finn around the "ditch".
All of the Kidos after an amazing Thanksgiving.
Friday afternoon all the fun departed and the boys stopped in Reno for a disappointing BSU football game. Lost it because of their kicker... they were not too happy.

I on the other hand enjoyed a few more quiet [very quiet] days at home with the fam and then went my way Sunday, driving those fourteen long hours all by lonesome. Then it was back in the grind at school for another two weeks.

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