Friday, January 14, 2011

i'm in the club.

Yes that blog title was an unintentional pun. After Christmas I joined Dad, Ab, Ky and the Missionaries on the golf course to hit some balls. It was so much fun! It was cool to actually be invited and to go the course with the fam.
We loved our last set of missionaries in our ward.
They sadly got transferred the about two weeks ago and we miss seeing them.
They were fun to have around!
All of the sisters out at Stevenson Ranch.
First time in probably 10+ years. Abs and I shared a cart, even though I walked a bunch.
Best part of the day was when I hit quite the drive on the first hole and I was golfing with dad's clubs, he is left handed. It was fun to give being a lefty a try.

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Kristy said...

I hope that you know that you and I are always invited when we want to join them...I think they just stopped asking when we never take them up on the invite...glad you went and had fun!