Saturday, November 8, 2008

Mothers Weekend.

I picked Mom up from the airport October 9th. We had a wonderful weekend even though mom didn't say more than 3 words. She has been on vocal rest for about a month and a half but even though she couldn't talk I still understood everything she wanted to say, even before she finished writing things down. My mom is my best friend and I have no idea how I went a month with out seeing her beautiful face. We had some fun times with my roommates and their moms too. We went to Idaho Falls and did some shopping, she met all my new friends and Ty, and we had a yummy dinner on sunday night with all my roommates and their moms. I already missed her the minute I dropped her off at the airport.Sunday night mom and I went over to wendy's condo and hung out with aunt dorthy, amy and wendy. It was a fun ending night to an exciting weekend.

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