Wednesday, October 14, 2009

let them eat CAKE.

As I'm sure you know I am extremely social and love to throw parties... which is why I have, yet again, changed my major to communications to eventually become and event planner. I am so excited about this!! Anyways, I convinced my roommates that we should throw a party. :) Just imagine a semi small apartment crammed with easily a hundred people and four cakes, three batches of brownies, two dozen cookies, a chocolate fountain with everything you can thing of to dip in it and there you have it! It was the funnest thing ever but such a mess to clean up later that night!

Will, Josh, Me, Quintin, Lys and Brad!

Celeste, John, Me, John John, Ali!!

My little Canadian roommate, Katy!

Lara, Kim, Court, Me!
Me and Lar!
Megan, Me, Cassidy, Erika!
So worth it!!


vocalise said...

Macy, Macy, Macy. This is exactly how I would picture you making the good times even better! Good for you...

Kristy said...

Macy, it is great that you have these get-togethers for your friends. It looks like you had a fabulous time! Bless your heart that you are the event-planner of your circle of friends. You are going to have such great memories of your college days.