Wednesday, February 4, 2009

we like to party.

I guess me and lara could be considered "rexburg socialites"... haha. I have not gone a weekend with out going out and, I'm not gonna lie, I love it! We have the best friends in the whole world.

Our friend Jacob hosted a dress up, "fine wine and cheese" party. We danced, played cards, watched horse racing, drank martinellies and ate cheese! so much fun!
Me, James, Marcus and Lara
Me, Tanner and Lara. He's our tag along and we love him!
Corey, Me, Steve and Lara.
Bret, Me Travis and Lara.
There is a dance club in the burg called Locus that my friend Juan owns, one day I was talking to Juan and he asked me if I needed a small side job, and of course me being still unemployed told him that I needed one so bad! So now me and lara are Locus girls... we get paid to promote the parties! it's kind of a cool job... small but cool.
This week was an 80's theme party!
Me and Lara with our employer Juan!
When we dress up... we go all out!
We went to a highlighter party... this is our friend dilan.

It's been an eventful semester so far! I love it!


Kristy said...

You are an adorable girl Macy Moo! I love you and I love looking at your blog...what a creative girl you are. I am so proud of you and I love you very much.

La and Dev said...

Glad I found your blog you bloggin girl. Looks like a fun par-tee. Should have called me and Dev up to really pump it up! good to see you over the weekend! Loves!

The Davidson's said...

I'm lovin the pics! Brings back some fun memories of college - glad to see you're having a blast like you should! Miss ya!