Sunday, March 21, 2010

quick thought.

I would die without skype
and I love these people.
+ Kylie
but I think she might kill me if I put one of the pictures I have of her from skype up :)


vocalise said...

This is SOOO cute. Paris photos fantastic. I could catch an airplane tomorrow.

Kylie said...

HAHA! I indeed would kill you if you had put one of those nasty things up of me! haha! But I am too grateful for Skype and that we get to talk "face to face" while you're all the way in London! Technology CAN indeed sometimes be a blessing. You are such a great blogger Mace! Keep it up til the end. I love reading it! Anyway, I'm off to study for and take my kinesiology test...ahhh! Pray for me if you read this in the next few hours. I'll let you know how it went on our next skype date! Remind me!

Kristy said...

Oh Macy dear, could you not find a better photo of me from our skyping session...I look scarry again! But, the sentiment was so sweet and I am so grateful to have skyp so that I can talk to my Macy Moo!!!

Marilyn said...

I love those people too! Loved all the Paris blogs, such a wonderful place. Lucky, lucky girl.

Macy said...

mom i think it is adorable of you and thats all that matters :)