Thursday, March 11, 2010

anticipated post?

My day all alone turned out to be wonderful. After taking a much needed nap at home I woke up and one of my roommates that stayed home told me that I should go see “39 Steps” so I did. It was hilarious! The show was an Alfred Hitchcock spoof where four actors play over fifty characters and they were fantastic. My seat was literally right in the middle of a huge class of fourteen your old boys, talk about just wonderful timing to be alone (kidding). During the intermission one of the boys said in his adorable English accent, “Are you all alone?” The next few minutes of the intermission were a little awkward. After the show I got on the tube to go home and I looked over to see that Britin and Caitlin were on the same car on the tube as I was. I have never been more excited to see them! When we got off the tube everyone else was waiting for the lift and we were reunited. I know I was only separated from my friends for a few hours but I missed them so much. After dinner Audrey, Caitlin, Emma, Katie and I went to see Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland. It was fantastic and I loved the story line he created along with the Alice story.
I realized I do not like to do things alone; I am a people person at least when it comes to doing things that are usually done with people.

Wednesday morning was extremely stressful as it was time for me to register for spring classes. Of course my school’s website was on the verge of crashing and after waiting ten minutes for on page to load it was time for us to be on the coach and off for our day. It was a day trip completely dedicated to Jane Austen. We went to Stourhead, where parts of the movie Pride and Prejudice were filmed, Chawton, to see Jane’s house, and Winchester, where she is buried.
The fab 5 at Stourhead
We walked all around at Stourhead, it was BEAUTIFUL!
It was a beautiful day and the sun was shining the whole time we were out. When we got back I ran off the coach and up the six flights of stairs to my lap top which was just where I left it… still loading. I was scared the whole day that they wouldn’t be openings left in a few of my classes but to my surprise I got into every class that I wanted to. I am extremely happy with my spring schedule. I am taking a floral arrangement class, three communications classes and an American foundations class. Best part is I gave myself Fridays off so I will be having extra long weekends! The rest of my night was spent in the attic working on a comparison presentation with Jake. I love it here but I am honestly excited to go home. Feeling a little homesick maybe? Cheers.


Kristy said...

Macy...I am so GRATEFUL to hear that you were able to make a positive out of your negative getting lost experience. I love you so very much and hate to hear of you having a bad day, so it was with great joy that I read this update and found you had turned it around. Bless your heart! I love you my dear and miss you so very much too! Mom (from Utah)

~*Alina*~ said...

macy! so glad you saw the 39 steps! i love that show. it is so under rated and sooo amazingly funny. i wish more people gave it the time of day!