Sunday, March 21, 2010

the happiest place on earth.

Thursday was our last day and Audrey, Caitlin, Emma and I spent it at one of the happiest places on earth Euro Disney! I literally had a smile slapped on my face the entire day.Main Street USA!
We got there right as the park opened and ran for Space Mountain.
(We were just a little happy waiting to get on the ride) Our day was the filled with Thunder Mountain, Indiana Jones and Haunted Mansion rides with no waits anywhere.
We grabbed a quick lunch of hotdogs, fries and cokes. Next we went to Fantasy Land where we became little girls again as we went on the Snow White and Pinocchio rides and spun as fast as we could on the Tea Cups. It was about two and we had hit everything in Disneyland we walked over to the Walt Disney Studio Park and went on the Tower of Terror, Rock and Roll Rollercoaster and Aladdin carpet ride.
We then squeezed our way back onto the metro because our passes didn’t work in zone five, got our luggage from our hotel and headed to our train back to the UK.
Paris will always have a special place in my heart.
I could not have been happier while I was there!


John and Jill said...

No lines???!!! That is so not like our Disney!

Glad you're having fun.

Kristy said...

How wonderful to go to the "Happiest Place on Earth"! You are a blessed girl Macy!