Thursday, March 4, 2010

shakespeare overload at Stratford upon Avon.

Sunday again was an adventure in getting to church. I fear that this will never end. Emma taught our lesson about Abraham being asked to sacrifice his son. Emma asked us at the beginning to think of the person we love most and then asked us what we would do if we were asked by the Lord to kill this person. I thought to myself I would never be able to do it. It made me realize just how much faith our prophets have to do what they do each day. I am so thankful we have such faithful leaders. In sacrament meeting we had another sermon but this time on church history. I laughed a little because the speaker talked all about the places we had just seen in Wales. Our trek home was even worse going to church. Yes we got a little lost, but being the great navigator I am, that was a joke… kind of, after two wrong buses and going a completely new and different route found our way. After dinner we had to quickly leave and go to Hyde Park chapel for a fireside given by Elder Ford, a member of the seventy. It was the most interesting fireside to me because he spoke on what an area seventy is. I have grown up in a place where we are taught this from primary so it was weird to have a group of young adults learning about this.

Monday and Tuesday were just about the same days besides my nightly activities. I had class all day and then went to the gym after. I am in love with my gym. Not is it only the nicest gym I have been to but all the people who work out there are completely fit. I swear fat British people don’t exist. It’s almost a breath of fresh air. Monday night Audrey, Caitlin, Emma and I went to see Leap year. It was adorable and I now want to go back to Wales to find an adorable boy, have him drive me to Ireland and then fall in love. I only wish that was how things really happened. Tuesday night we went to see my favorite show yet, Hairspray! It was hilarious and I truly mean that. The actors were all perfect and their American accents were almost flawless. It’s funny to me that I am the one with the accent here. Loved it!

Me and Tracy Turnblad!

Me and the actor who played Edna Turnblad. He was hilarious!
Wednesday was a day trip that started out with visiting Warwick Castle aka “want to be Disneyland”. The Brits have turned these ruins into a tourist attraction and I honestly liked it.
Warwick Castle!

We walked up the tower and took a few pictures and then down to stocks and then the bird cages where we found the most adorable Falconer named David Cater. I, along with most of the girls I was with, fell in love with him. I think our lack of male interaction is starting to get to us because any boys we see seem to be perfect.
Calvin and I on top on the castle tower at Warwick. Jenny and Me in the stocks.

David the Falconer. He's welsh, and adorable. I got to hold an owl named Louie, he was gorgeous. I put a leather glove on and held half of a dead chick in my fingers and he flew down onto my hand and ate his treat out of my fingers. I had always though owls were fairly small, not Louie although he did not weigh much. It was an amazing experience that we would normally have to spend about eighty pounds to do but being the adorable American girls we are got to do it for free.
Me and Louie!Our next stop was Anne Hathaway’s cottage where we took a tour and took a gorgeous walk through woods that reminded me of the Village. Again for your entertainment I have a video of the ever funny little boy, Daniel Cooper.

Then it was off to Stratford upon Avon, a very quaint little town where William Shakespeare was born and lived. We went to the birthplace of William Shakespeare and Nash’s House where he retired. I was not impressed and honestly didn’t think it was that cool but I guess it would be for those few people in the world who are obsessed with him. We then took a little walk to the church where Shakespeare is buried and Jenny paid the 50p to see his tomb. If you are ever in Stratford upon Avon, don’t waste your time, his tomb is a slab of concrete on the floor that says Shakespeare on it. Jenny, Sarah, Margret, Kalyn, Shar and I went to the oldest pup in Stratford called The Garrick Inn. I had the biggest serving of fish and chips I have ever seen.
Jenny and I with out fish and chips..I finally ate some spotted dick and sticky toffee pudding for dessert. It was delicious and I am now in love with bread pudding!

Our night was topped off with a long, hot but brilliant performance of King Lear. After a three hour performance and a two hour drive home it was two and I was in my bad at last.

Today is Thursday and all I have done today is class and homework. After I was finally done with classes around three Audrey, Caitlin, Emma, Jenny and I got dressed and went to do a “visit assignment” for British literature. We then rushed home for dinner and I have been doing homework since. What an eventful day… not. At least tomorrow should be better.



Kristy said...

I just got home from Tahoe and was happy to see your blog update. I look forward to these. They're a blast for me to read. The fish part of your Fish & Chips looks like they breaded and fried a whale...huge...looked yummy. Love you love you! Dad

Kristy said...

I love your owl experience...that was something that I would have thoroughly enjoyed. I am glad that you are getting to see so many plays...Hairspray looked like a blast! I love you.