Sunday, March 7, 2010

sunday fun day.

Quick Sunday post: Today was simply lovely. The sun was shining and it felt warm despite the temperature being thirty-seven. I think we have finally found a little quicker way to get to church but that was after all three of us fell asleep, rode the train 40 minutes past out destination and several methods of transportation. Today was the first time that we have got out of our flat with plenty of time to spear for getting to church, it just happened to be the day that we would get most lost. It took us just under two and a half hours to get to the Catford Ward. Next week we will be prepared.
Maybe we got gelatto while right in front of out tube stop. vacation rules still apply :)

emma and I in front of our chapel.
(I realize that I have completely let myself go. not cute)

during sacrament meeting I thought of these things.
10 things I love…
1. feeling the gentle hug of sunshine on my face.
2. listening to peaceful music and taking time to myself.
3. watching children giggle and run in the park.
4. the feeling of a tidy room and clean sheets.
5. the bliss of watching snowflakes fall on my nose.
6. knowing that at the end of the day everything will be alright.
7. the excitement of driving down my street, almost home.
8. the smell of brand new shoes fresh out of the box.
9. laying on a cozy blanket and watching the stars with
someone special.
10. checking things off my daily to do list
(even if I made it up to just check off).

10 things I need…
1. a massage… preferable full body.
2. currently a toilet but I am too lazy to walk downstairs
and I am a great holder.
3. a break from homework. paris come a little sooner?
4. a box of girl scout cookies.
even the shortbread would suffice.
5. an eye brow wax but I am loyal to tina and will wait until home.
6. my spring schedule figured out, this is adding to my stress.
7. a letter in the mail.
my address is Macy Falke 27 palace court London W2 4LP England. feel free to write.
8. some male interaction. in any form…
9. to get my nasty roots fixed, who ever said roots were in was horribly mistaken.
10. someone to tell me they love me.

10 things I miss…
1. quick phone calls from my parents just to say hi.
2. getting into my pearly white car and going anywhere I want.
3. walking out of my apartment to the house of the Lord.
4. having a sun kissed glow on my skin, pale is not my color.
5. panera bread lunch dates with my mom and dad.
6. shower heads that do more than trickle and room to shave my legs.
7. dragging my little sister or megan to get eat weekly sushi.
8. taking my little Wags for walks as the sun slowly goes down.
9. being woken up by my favorite alarm clock in the world, mom.
10. sunday afternoon bike rides along the canal with my family.
I am completely happy today.


Kristy said...

What a sweet post Macy. I miss my fun middle daughter! I will work on getting you some mail!!!

Kristy said...

My most favorite post ever. You are truly a sweet thing my Macy Moo. I think I may have got a lump in my throat...maybe not. Sweet Sweet Sweet. Love you! Dad