Sunday, March 21, 2010

spring break in... PARiS! (day 1)

Monday morning we woke up around 6:00 a.m. to get ready to go to St. Pancras station to catch a Eurostar train to Paris! I sat next to Michelle and we took a lovely little nap on the way there. When we got into the city we waited about an hour for our coach and then made our way to Chartres. We had about an hour until our tour of Chartres Cathedral so Audrey, Caitlin, Emma, Katie and I stopped at a little shop and got our first French crepes.

For some reason Roger pronounces it "shart".....

We then were given a tour and brief history (well actually no so brief) of the cathedral by Malcolm Miller, who has been giving tours of and seminars about the cathedral for over fifty years. The cathedral had the largest collection of medieval windows. While we were there nine of these windows were taken out to be cleaned so there was a frigid draft inside which made it hard to concentrate to Malcolm. We then drove the two hours back into Paris and checked into our hotel. Audrey and I were roommates this trip! After setting our luggage down we walked down the street to a little café where we ate dinner. I had a margarita pizza, figures I would eat Italian food my first night in France. After dinner Emma, Caitlin, Britin, Katie, Audrey and I went to see the Eiffel Tower!
These are my best friends. and I love them to death.

Audrey Me and Emma.
It is beautiful and about three times bigger than I pictured it to be. We walked around, took loads of pictures, talked to a few locals, and then crossed the street to get a snack and ride the carousel. I had a crepe citron which is a crepe with sugar and lemon juice. That crepe alone was worth the whole trip, I am in love.

I love when it twinkles :)

Paris is beautiful.


Kristy said...

Oh how fun for you! I could feel the excitement of the group during your video. Priceless! Love you and happy for the experiences you are having. Dad

Kylie said...

Oh my goodness....Malcom Miller was the same guy that we got a tour of Chartres from when me and my study abroad group went there! The book of Chartres that I bought mom and dad that always sits in our living room at home was written by him! That is so crazy Mace! We both have had a tour of Chartres by the same guy!