Sunday, March 21, 2010

paris holds the key to your heart... day 2.

Two words for Tuesday, sore feet.
Audrey and I woke up around eight, got dressed and had breakfast. We then left with our group to catch a train to Versailles.
One word for Versailles, golden.

The ladies and I in front of the gate to (heaven?) Versailles.

Caitlin, Audrey and I behind the palace.
We started off by walking through State Apartments which I think could house a whole country if needed and then barely even stick our toes into the immaculate gardens. I am sure I could spend a week walking through the gardens, they are never ending. We were all starving so we stopped at a convenient little stand just down from the palace and all ordered overpriced paninis.
We then took the metro back into Paris and went to the Mouffetard which is one of the oldest streets in Paris.
Katie and I on the mouffetard.We first stopped at Nicolsen’s for the most amazing chocolate I have ever tasted in my life. Yes, it’s that good.
We then walked along for a little while and then realized where we wanted to go next was the opposite way so we walked back. On the way Caitlin and I stopped and got a snack of chicken legs and potatoes that were cooking on the street, the men there loved us. After a few more minutes of walking we were where we wanted to be, Amorinos for most delicious gelato in Paris that they shape to look like a flower. I had vanilla and nichola.
Yum-o as mom would say. Next was on to the Champs Elysees, my favorite street. One day I will walk into Louis Vuitton and drop a couple thousand euros like it’s no big deal but until then I am content with just looking. Once we had walked one side of the most expensive shopping street (ever?) we walked under the largest round about in the world to the Arc De Triomphe, where we climbed all 300 stairs to the top (that may not seem like a lot but you try it). At sea level I am out of breath... just can’t wait for that altitude in Rexburg. The view was fantastic. We stayed up there for a while to take it all in, and maybe because we were still winded from the stairs.
Now I know why Ky has such a love for this place.
After ascending the stairs was walking down the other side of the Champs Elysees we stopped for dinner at Henry V, a place where Audrey had eaten with her family when they were in Paris. By the time we were done eating all of us girls were just about falling asleep so we headed back to our hotel to turn in for the night.

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Kylie said...

YAY! Paris, je t'aime, indeed! hehe! So glad you got to see the place I love and lived! Now I just need to get back to Europe to see the place that you live and love!