Saturday, March 27, 2010

today was a fairytale.

This weekend so far has been fantastic. Yesterday started off by catching a train with the group to Hampton Court, King Henry VIII’s palace. I walked around with Sarah and Calvin looking at the many rooms and gardens.
Christina, Laura, Jenny, Rachel, Sarah and I in front of Hampton Court.

Calvin and I

Me and "King Henry VIII"

[sometimes I think I am funny... and sometimes Henry thinks he's packin]

The lovely Sarah Shepherd and myself

We then went back into London and straight to Borough Market. We went straight for the exotic meat stand and I ordered a kangaroo burger. It was delicious with gobs of cranberry sauce, mustard and salad on it.

We then walked around and tasted the many cheeses, breads, curries, fruits, candies and all kinds of organic fresh food. I bought a few English apples that look like pears and taste fantastic and an extremely healthy smoothie to supposedly get all of the toxins out of me. When we got home is was still a few hours until dinner and I wasn’t in the mood for a nap, which is odd, so I went on a walk all by myself through Hyde Park. I made a “songs that make me happy” mix and walked with my iPod for two hours smiling at every person I passed. I am sure I looked like an idiot because NO ONE smiles in England, especially at strangers but I surprisingly got a few return smiles. My walk was bliss and I haven’t been that happy in a while. The sun was out and there was a light misty rain for about half an hour. I needed to be happy so badly, especially because of how I have been feeling lately; overwhelmed, stressed and tired. I made it a goal on my walk to take in every moment left of being here because before I know it I will be home and wishing I could be walking through Hyde Park again.
I took a few pictures on my walk. Here is the Peter Pan Statue.

The most adorable house in the middle of the park.
When I got home I talked to my mom and little sister for a bit on skype who made me even more happy, watched New Moon with a few of the girls and did homework. I feel so much better; it’s funny to me how my moods change because of the weather.

Today I slept through my alarm and Audrey and I woke up around 10:30. We got ready quickly and Audrey, Britin, Caitlin and I went to Buckingham Palace and watched the changing of the guard.
Me at Buckingham Palace.

We then went to the museum of Fashion and Textiles, it was such a joke. After leaving the museum we got lost for about an hour and walked through some pretty sketch parts of town. But with help from a very nice lady at a bus stop we found our way to Borough Market, yes two days in a row. I again had a kangaroo burger, when in Rome right? I figure I will not have many more chances to eat kangaroo so I might as well take advantage of being so close to markets that have such wonderful food. I also had another smoothie because I don’t think those toxins are coming out easily. Audrey and I then went to Anthropologie. The sales were fantastic and I got a few things for really cheap!
[Father and Mother who I love so dearly: I will make these little spending ventures up to you when I have a job this summer and back in Idaho away from any malls. Also remember that one day you will be very old and I will then be taking care of you and paying you back.]
On my bunk the girls that have been here before have written all kinds of things to see and quotes they love. My favorite is, “it’s easier to ask for forgiveness that to ask for permission”, this was my motto today. Today marks three more weeks. I cannot believe that in twenty one days I will be on a plane headed for the states. It seems so close and I have to pack each day left here with things I still want to do. I am now at home and dirty from the rain. Shower time!


Kristy said...

Your happiness is contagious and I am so grateful that your are feeling better! You have a special spirit Macy and I know that you have been a friend to all the students there in London and you will be blessed for it! I love our Skyp visits and laughed at your little message to dad and I about you taking care of us when we are are so funny! But, it may very well be the case, so it is a good thing you love us so much. I am glad that you had your long walk alone and that you are taking advantage of everything there is to see in your last three weeks there. I can't wait to see you when you walk off that plane Moo!!! Love you...Mom

Kristy said...

PS: Henry the VIII certainly did think a lot of "himself"!!!

Jenny said...

baby girl i love you and your posts!!

Kristy said...

I loved your Henry VIII "packin'" remind me of... well...Me. Funny Girl! Finish strong. Love your dear one. Dad

vocalise said...

Glad you had a better day! Looks FABULOUS! That little house! Ahhh.....

Marilyn said...

So much fun, and you really ate kangaroo?? I would love to spend 2 hours walking through Hyde Park. Did you see the statue that Queen Victoria did for Prince Albert>