Sunday, March 7, 2010

my life if beautiful.

For some reason I keep making writing in my blog a burden. This has got to stop. I want to remember everything I do here and since I gave up on my written journal weeks ago this is my only way of doing it. Plus I get to add pictures and I am sure that’s all anyone looks at on here anyways. So, starting today I am going to become a better blogger for myself, not for anyone else!
Let me start this off by saying that Wednesday I had only gotten about four hours of sleep and after a twenty hour day of nonstop action I was exhausted. Now on to Thursday, an “A” schedule day of classes, which means I have class at 8:45. You guessed it I slept through my first (and last) class. I set an alarm and my roommate Jenny tried several times to wake this sleeping beauty up but I guess I much have been dreaming of prince charming and there was no way of getting me out of that dream becuase we have all be boy deprived for several months now. When I finally woke up it was about 9:58 a.m. and there was no way of me to make it to even a minute of my class, naughty naughty Macy. Normally I would slough it off but when I go to school downstairs from my flat and I live with my professors I try to keep a cleaner conscience. Later when I saw Dr. MacFarlane he addressed my as “champ” and said not to worry about it. The day dragged on as I had British literature, religion and my culture and community class. When I was finally out of the prison of school the fab five (Audrey, Emma, Caitlin, Jenny and I) went for a quick visit to Dr. Johnson’s house, the man who published the first dictionary. To make the visit a little more exciting we dressed up in “euro chic” outfits, complete locals.
Looking euro chic in front of our flat.

We paid three pound fifty pence to walk around his house for twenty-five minutes, ridiculous, but we got our worksheets filled out and full points for them. Dinner was next and I ended my day by going to sleep a little early to finally get some much needed sleep.

Friday was a “London outing” day with the group that started off with a meeting with the director of the Kennedy Center from BYU. It was a nice meeting to nicely “complain” about things we thing are wrong with the center or faculty. It was a quick meeting for that reason, beyond the smell of our cooped up attic of a flat and the workload from classes not much was discussed. We then took the tube to a beautiful part of London where we visited the poet Keats’s house. We saw where he had once sat to write “Ode to a Nightingale” and where he once fell in love with Fanny Brawne, the original girl next door.
Some of the girls from our group and I in a tree at Keats's House.

Keats's House. Me and Jerry.

Once we left we were to walk across Hampstead Heath to the Kenwood House, easier said than done. The group of girls I was with ended up turning a thirty minute walk into an hour and a half trek up hills and through mud puddles. We got lost and walked much longer than we should have but I would not trade that hike for ten pounds. We saw one of the most beautiful sigs I have seen here yet. The heath overlooks almost all of London and it was magical seeing our city from a little ways off.

On top of the heath. My calves burn from this. (notice my adorable wellies from Cath Kitson)
Parliment Hill at Hampsted Heath.

After arriving at Kenwood house and quickly looking through we took the bus back to the tube station and went to Camden Market for lunch.
This is what I ate... Holy Chinese food! My dish was the best I have ever had; let’s just say I am defiantly going back. We made it home in time for dinner or should I say “snack time” of chili, mom yours cannot be toped even by out resident chef Teri here. It was good but it was no recipe of Kristy Falke's. Homework consumed my night as I wrote three papers and read some poems for British literature. Then it was sleepy time.

Saturday morning we had class. Oh yeah I just used the words Saturday and class in the same sentence other than this one. We did this because next week we are only having two days of classes because of a day hike taking place on Tuesday. I honestly liked having class, they were shorter and sweet and unlike every other Saturday I have had here I did not sleep in until noon wasting half of my day inside. Right after class Caitlin, Emma, Audrey and I got dressed up and walked across the street to a little place called Kensington Palace (yes that is the same palace where Princess Diana lived... and did I say I live accross the street!)for high tea at the Orangery.
The weather was lovely and my soup and cinnamon tea was delicious.

In front of the Orangery at Kensington Palace.
After we went to Cool Britannia, the largest tourist shop you can find and got some of my favorite candy to send home. Another tube ride and we were at Madame Tussauds wax museum. There I met countless celebrities, hung out with the Queen and Prince William confessed his love to me.

New Boyfriend. Sooooo hot!
Me (Elin) and Tiger. oh and Caitlin (dirty mistress #23)
Jerry, Me and the Queen and chums.
JLo boooooooooooty. baby got back.
Yes, I met Troy Bolton.
It was so much fun, besides the part where we walked downstairs where they had a section of London’s famous murders and an haunted house that included live people jumping at you. My voice box got a little screaming work out the few minutes it took to walk/run through it. After a quick visit to Top Shop it was dinner time and because it was Saturday and we don’t eat at the center, Emma, Audrey, Caitlin and I went to Tortilla. This is one of the places my friend Lauren Hennes who lived in London also told me I had to go to and now I know why. It was fantastic and I had been craving some good Mexican food. (Lauren if you ever read this I love you to death!) I had a naked burrito with pork and chicken, yum!
I ended the night by watching a movie in my little corner bed on my lap top.
I love this place more and more each day. Cheers!


Kristy said...

Great update as usual. Sounds like the fun (mixed in with a little study) just keeps rollin'. Love you cutie! Dad

vocalise said...

So fun Macy. Some of my favorite things to see and visit while traveling have been the homes that authors and artists have lived. It's just neat to see first hand where they gathered part of the inspiration they used to paint and write poetry etc. You will be glad you kept this blog. You will need to have it made into a book when you get home!

Kristy said...

Okay, so I am glad that my chili can't be beat! Speaking of John Keats, you need to rent "Bright Star" Macy...I just watched it this weekend while I was sick and it is the love story between John Keats and Fanny sweet and sad. You will love it after seeing his home, etc. The heath looked lovely where you girls walked! Such amazing things that you girls are seeing. Lauren Hennis said that she gets her London fix each morning before work by reading your blog, so she will love your comment to her.

Lauren said...

Macy! I love reading your blog and am totally reliving my whole experience through reading about your adventures. I am so glad that you went to Tortilla! It is so amazing! And I love that you love Borough Market! I wish I could go there right now and eat an Ostrich burger! You are so much better at blogging than I was. Enjoy the rest of your time there, and now that I now you are living kind of close to where I was, I might send you a few more of my favorite places!