Friday, April 16, 2010

very annnnngryyy.

Dear Eyjafjallajoekull,
Please stop erupting.
You're making it so I can not get home
to my family :(
I start classes again on tuesday,
and can not miss them.
Why are you ruining my life?
I hate volcanoes...

Cancelled....? not yet, but might happen and if it does

I will not be a happy girl.


vocalise said...

Completely thought of you while listening and watching the news yesterday. Sorry....but that list of "cancelled" flights is a great post photo. Not the one you want to see, but memorable nonetheless. Praying for you......hang in.

~*Alina*~ said...

oh no! good luck, macy! my poor friend kayla was supposed to fly out yesterday and her flight was cancelled. so crazy! did you get to see HAIR?

Kylie said...

MACY!! I have heard all about everything from mom and how now your flight is cancelled until Monday! You will get home, I promise! I love you more than words can say!

Kristy said...

Clever post the volcano and cancelled photos, even though I wish they were not for real in this case!