Sunday, April 11, 2010

the final days.

My semester abroad is starting to wind down and I am now in my final week here living in London. Sad I know. Thursday was spent in classes, the last day of classes! Well the last day besides finals. I finished my Classic Civ. class, British Literature, Religion and culture classes, just one more to go on Monday!
Friday was a good way to end our day trips. We woke up and headed to Westminster Pier to board a boat cruise that took us along the river Thames to Greenwich.
Once there I went with Laura, Jenny, Christina and Jake to a few museums and finally up one of the steepest inclines I have ever climbed to the observatory.
There we waited in a line to stand on the prime meridian. Yes I stood in two places at once, both halves of the world. I even managed to do a handstand there too. I know, you are impressed.

After our thrilling adventure we all walked back down the hill to eat at GBK [gourmet burger kitchen]. I ordered an avocado bacon burger. England has the worst bacon. After finishing we got on the DLR and Jenny, Laura and I went to Borough Market, I am a regular there now. Because we had just eaten, the girls and I just walked around and sampled everything and I got a drink. I am going to miss that market the most.
Saturday I accidentally slept in until 11 and woke up to an empty room. I suddenly started to panic because Christina, Jenny Laura and I had tickets to see the Cinderella Ballet. Soon after I got a little ready the showed up from running and we all headed to the Royal Opera House to watch the ballet. It was beautiful and of course I loved it because it was Cinderella.

After Jenny Laura and I walked around, got some late lunch and went to Cath Kitson where I got my mom a few little goodies. I spent Saturday night in my bed studying and watching movies on my lap top. Relaxing and needed.
Today was my last week in my ward here. It was fast and testimony meeting and there were some sweet things said from the pulpit. After saying goodbyes and giving hugs, Emma, Maddy and I took our last Sunday train ride. Once home I took a long Sunday nap and awoke just in time for dinner. We then had our own testimony meeting at the centre for our last devotional. [I just said last about 10 times] I was really touched by every ones testimony's and I got up and bore mine as well. I love everyone in the centre. We all have so much fun and have got along fairly well.

I am going to miss being around so many great people all the time.


vocalise said...

Hahaha. Good for you with the handstand. Anne Marie and I opted for a trip to Harrods while the boys all went to the Prime Meridian!! If only we had all of the time you did!

Anne Marie Hyer said...

Moo! London will miss you so much my dear. I feel like I am leaving London too. What the heck. Soak it all up babe. Soak it all up. Then come home've been gone a long time.

Marilyn said...

You are such a kick, I loved seeing you on Skype. Have a great trip home!

Kristy said...

Great entry Moo...I loved the handstand! I bet you loved your role model Cinderella and I am glad that you made it. I LOVED my letter and have read it several times since I got home today. I love you sweetie and can't wait to see you on Saturday. Enjoy your last few days in London!!!

Anonymous said...