Wednesday, April 7, 2010

For the temple is the house of God, a place of love and beauty.

I am on a spiritual high lately. Yesterday I had the opportunity to go and do work in the London temple with my roommates, classmates and professors. I love the temples. I love the feel you get when you walk into the house of the Lord. We got to the temple early for our session we we walked around the grounds and took pictures. When we went inside we were greeted by one of the temple workers who was ironically from Sugar City, just five minutes from Rexburg. He thought I was the coolest for living there. The temple workers were thrilled that we were there and said they had never seen so many youth there at a time, there were twenty nine girls, four boys and our professors. We had to wait a while and take shifts of five when doing our work so in the mean time we sat in a waiting room and sang hymns. I have never felt such peace than when I was in that room singing with all the girls, the spirit was so strong. We sang Families can be together forever and I soon felt tears rolling down my cheeks from thinking about my family and how happy I am that I get to spend eternity with them. After about fifteen hymns I was called do go into the conformation room and then the baptismal font. It was so neat to be confirmed by my professor and then baptized by my teachers assistant. I have gone to the temple in Rexburg with my ward and roommates before but this was different. It was special and I loved every second of it.
The London Temple

Audrey Susan and I on the temple grounds.

Katie[Bruce] and I in front of the temple.


Kristy said...

Loved the post, as usual. As you say, I may or may not have teared up. Dad

hillary work said...

macy! you look so cute, did you get your hair done in england? if so, it is very glamorous! miss you. and we'll have to go to the temple in rex lots in the summer!

Kristy said...

I have read this entry several times but just realized that I hadn't commented on it. May I say just how proud of you I am my middle daughter. I love that you love the temple! You are a beautiful girl inside and out Macy Moo!