Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I prefer the house of Lords.

Today I woke up for kitchen crew as it is my week to work in the kitchen. I love it because I get to hang out with Dave's wife Teri, our sort of house mom and cook. She is a doll, mom you would love Teri. Anyways after an early breakfast we got on to tube and headed for Westminster to tour the houses of Parliament. Our guide was a fellow named Andy and he did a wonderful job of getting us though quick but still giving us all the information we wanted to know.
Channeling our inner Asian.
I love these girls.
In front of Parliament.I am going to miss this gorgeous sight. It never gets old.

After touring the houses Jenny and I went to a little cafe for lunch and then walked in the rain to the Cabinet War Rooms and Churchill Museum. It was by far my favorite "museum" I have been to here and everything is just as it was back when Churchill occupied it because they left it that way. After walking in the rain again to the tube I may or may not have gone and done a little shopping. :) I then came home and took a nap, almost missing dinner kitchen crew. Dinner was sun dried tomato pasta with garlic bread, fruit and salad; Delicious!
I have done nothing but by lazy tonight so now I am going to attempt to work on some long awaited homework.



Anne Marie Hyer said...

Mayc...(i still can't figure how to spell your name the way i say it)

Love you and your posts. I may not comment but I always read. Muah~

vocalise said...

You know what? I have loved TONS of your photos...but I REALLY love that one of you hugging the phone booth. Just all of the red in the photo...Big Ben in the backgound...the coloring from the rain. I just love it.