Monday, April 5, 2010


This year was obviously different... no family around, no Easter egg hunts, no Nanny's for Easter brunch, and no Easter basket. Although all of these things were missing I think this Easter was the most meaningful one I have ever had. My day was focused on the Lord, his atonement for my sins and his resurrection. I am sure that it helped my spiritual side to have Conference weekend one and the same with Easter. Unlike when I am home for conference, here with the time change the first session of Sunday started at 5:00 p.m. It was odd not waking up and instantly watching conference. I liked it almost better though. I had almost the whole day to prepare myself to listen and take in the words of the prophet and other speakers.

We had the most delicious brunch here at the center that consisted of Amish oatmeal, pancakes, bacon [I could live on bacon alone], omelets, hash browns, quiche, tarts, cakes, and strawberry shortcake bites. Terri defiantly out did herself. After brunch we had a sweet Sunday program where several of the girls sang and Sarah, Jake and Dr.Macfarlane spoke. After the program I took a walk with some of the girls, we parted as they walked to Hyde Park chapel and I to my bed to watch conference. I love my church, I love that where ever I am it is true and sure, I love how when the prophet speaks I feel he is speaking just to me.

Sweet Sweet Jenny and I.

Christina, Laura, Jenny, Rachel and yours truly.

Laura and Me!

The church is true.


vocalise said...

Thank you for your testimony, Macy. What a blessing you have your own and appreciate the fact that you do! Here's a funny...Hailey Holtzclaw phoned us during conference. She was in Paris with her mom and wanted to know where the Stake Center was. So, we got Anne Marie on the cell and gave her directions! Fun!!! Kris warned her it might all be in French, though. :) :)

Kristy said...

My-o-my my Macy Moo. What a sweet post and the best Easter gift I have even been given. You are a gem my middle child. Bless you! Dad

Kristy said...

Thank you Macy for sharing your sweet, sweet testimony with us. I am so proud of you and grateful to have you as my daughter!

Denise said...

Macy, thank you for your testimony. It was sweet to read it. This has been such a wonderful experience for you. I hope to see you in the few short days you'll be home to catch up. Enjoy your last few days.