Wednesday, April 21, 2010

day 6 of waiting...

And it was a beautiful day of waiting.
I woke up fairly early with the intention of being up for the day but I soon found myself asleep again and not awake until eleven. After waking up I got "ready" for the day and went to Starbucks by myself for lunch. After I walked through Kensington Gardens and then sat down on Jenny's blanket with her and a group of us that were already lounging.
Anne, Kira, Michelle and Brittany walk up and asked if anyone wanted to go paddle the Serpentine with them so Jake, Christina, Jenny and I joined them.
It was beautiful despite the small gusts of cool wind every once in a while.
Christina and I were lucky enough to have Jake and Kira to paddle us around.
While laying in the park I spotted this....
A day and a half and I get to finally come home.
I am even more excited now because everyone is leaving
and my family is the greatest.
[sorry I'm not writing a ton but all anyone looks at are the pictures anyways.]


Kristy said...

You are just too clever (With the Airplane notation). We anxiously await your return to the North American Continent on April 23, 2010, at 2:20pm Pacific Daylight Time. See you then! Mom & Dad

aj said...

It's true...I only look at the pictures. Sometimes I just read the words in the larger font. You're just so cute. With great hair (I always wished I could get away with the platinum blonde look) & adorable clothes. Have a safe flight.