Sunday, April 18, 2010

a lovely stranded day.

Today Laura, Christina, Jenny and I made light of our situation and enjoyed a beautiful day in London Town. We slept in a little bit and some of the girls that hadn't yet, packed.
Then we were off for our blissful day in the city.
This is Terri, she is our "house mother" and with our help cooks all of our amazing food. I absolutely love her! As we walked out of our flat she was gardening in the "garden" we have on our porch... [a few small pots in front].
After doing some research on what was going on in the city the night before we decided to hit up the Holland Festival which is pretty much a beer fest in Trafalgar Square, to say the least we walked around for a few minutes, listened to the music and left. It was fun to see though.
Funny story: Jenny and I waited like 3 minutes to take a picture in the biggest clogs I have ever seen and right as we did this little kid jumped on the clog. He was holding his dad's hand and the father was just looking at us and smiling like it was funny that his child was playing around. He knew we were clearly trying to take a picture and wouldn't move his child... hello. So we jumped back in the clogs after Laura and Christina took their picture. Some people need to learn how to parent their children.
I don't know who I wanted to slap more, the child or the father.
We finally got a child free picture...
After our little adventure in a crowd of orange we split up, Laura and Christina going to Subway and Jenny and I going to Pret a Manger to get lunches. We met back up and walked to St.James Park and had a little picnic. It was the most beautiful day I have here so far, not a cloud in sight which is surprising because there is supposed to be tons of ash in the air [odd?].
We had so much fun eating, talking and laughing.
These are the times I am going to miss most.While taking a rest we took some pictures...
Love these girls.

After our lovely time in the park we went to try our chances at the lottery for Legally Blonde tickets. Christina and I won and got two tickets each so we were in! I absolutely fell in love with the performance. We were front row center and it made me feel like we were in the action of the show. I laughed, I cried and I flirted with a gorgeous man in the orchestra. It was a great last night with the girls. It is now Sunday and I am trying to sleep as much as I can to pretty much take up my time. Laura left this morning for Madrid to try and get out of here... I hope she does. For now I am still stranded, my flight is now cancelled for Monday as well. I pray that the weather forecast is correct and it rains Monday night so some of the ash will clear, but you never know.
We think we are so modern and advanced but if we were I would not be stuck across the ocean with no way to get home.
I am sure God is having a good laugh at men who think they are so great right now.
Until next time...


Kristy said...

I am so proud of you for making the most of your "extra" days there! I am so also glad that you are having some great weather to enjoy those last few days...I loved your picnic and remember that the place you mentioned getting for at for your picnic always looked good to me...easy french baguette sandwiches I believe. So, if we had known that you had all of this extra time, we could have arranged to have you visit Roger and Liliane...oh well. I am glad for your awesome weather, but hope that the rain or wind will come and disburse the ash away from London. I love you Macy and I am so grateful that you are safe and well during your wait to return to us. Love you, Mom

Kristy said...

Oops...I should have proofread my last comment before hitting publish...sorry for the mistakes...hopefully you can tell what I meant to say!

Kristy said...

By the way, I agree...annoying kid and dad!!!

Marilyn said...

That is funny about the kid, it must be a Brittish thing. Anyway, I still can't think of a better place to be stranded.