Saturday, April 17, 2010


Well my flight for today was officially cancelled last night and the centre has been in complete chaos. Not only are we stuck here because of volcanic ash...
we have rats.
No, they are not huge sewer rats but none the less these little guys can sure make a group of girls scream. I have been packed for about 5 days now so luckily I have not had any of them going though my belongings but I am the exception.
Yesterday after hearing that I will be staying in London until at least Monday I had to get out of the centre and clear my head, so Jenny and I went to Oxford Circus and did a little retail therapy. I am not kidding after being so stressed nothing felt better than handing over a little cash and getting a shiny new purse from Anthropologie [don't worry dad it was on SALE, and yes that is my favorite word]. Ab and Ky I got you a few things as well.
For a few hours I didnt think about the possibility of missing my first week of classes for spring semester at BYUI and only getting to see my family for less than 24 hours before I am gone again until July.
Its amazing to me how shopping can do that.
I am going to miss this place,
but first I need to leave to miss it.


Marilyn said...

Somebody get that girl a ticket before you go bankrupt! I guess I can think of a worse place to be stuck.

Kristy said...

Great post...I love your writing Macy. Your retail therapy was actually a great idea! I am glad that you are making the most of your wait. We love you more than words can say dear Macy Moo!