Wednesday, April 14, 2010

hellooooo finals, nice to see you again.

I am literally going crazy with a capital C. Finals have gotten to me. The surprising part is that I am not a single bit stressed, it's crazy. I have been bouncing off the walls the last few nights [most likely because of the overload on diet coke] and Jenny, Christina, Laura and I have been the only ones in our room, as everyone else lives in the library. We say literally the most outrageous and funny things when it gets to be about two in the morning. I am going to miss these nights with these girls, love them!
Yesterday after our final review for Brit. Lit. we walked to Wagamamas and got take out katsu curry [delicious!]. We all came home and had lunch with Susan. I love that woman, she is amazing and an inspiration to me.

Yesterday I packed, everything. It was the best thing ever and it made me feel amazing! I CAN NOT wait to go home, mostly because of the annoyance of finals and the fact that I am so excited to see my cute little family.
I smile every time I think of walking out of the airport and seeing me dad and little sisters faces and getting home and giving my mom a huge hug!
This is me today.
I have no words.
My shirt is supposed to be positive re-enforcement.
Maybe it's working... maybe not.
Two finals down, three to go.
Wish me luck.


vocalise said...

Are you channeling your inner "Tim Gunn" with the "Carry-On" shirt?? :)

Kristy said...

We are, too, very excited to see you very soon. It's been a great experience for you in Europe. Glad you could do it. Love you, Dad

Marilyn said...

You are so cute!

Anne Marie Hyer said...

Good Luck babe! I'm doing finals here if you have to suffer through them, might as well be in London!

Kristy said...

Love your photo with your suitcase!!!