Monday, April 19, 2010


We wait and we wait and we wait and then.....
We go CRAZYYYYY. hahahahaha.Friday is now the day I am hopeful to return to the beautiful state of California, and most likely for to be there for the whole summer... As I stay here I am missing my classes in Rexburg. I am not one to start off a semester missing a week+ of school, so I am about 80% sure I will be deferring Spring semester.
I will miss all of my friends at school.
I not receive the credits I would have earned next semester.
I have not been home for more than 7 weeks since I graduated high school, so I will get quality time to spend with my parents and sisters.
I will have time to recover from jet lag
I will have time to emotionally heal from stress and everything here
I can find a job better in California than I can in Idaho.
I will be tan and relaxed.
And finally I will save my parents money.
Verdict is that staying home next semester will probably be good for me or maybe I am just trying to find a way to apply some thing good to this volcano... who knows.


Marilyn said...

I do hope you make it home Friday. It sounds like things have worked for the best in the long run.

Ashley said...

YESSSSSSS!!!!!!!! :D