Tuesday, May 18, 2010

reliving high school in the audience.

Friday night was Abby's spring Madrigals concert. Our whole family went to support her from right in the front row. We got to see her preform with her Madrigals group and then with a smaller more elite group she is in called "Pink Ladies". She sounded wonderful as well as the rest of her choir. They even sung a few numbers that Ky and I did back in the days when we were both in Madrigals.
It was funny for me to think back at all the wonderful times I spent in that choir room rehearsing for hours and hours.
Me Ky and our two cousins Russell and Eric.
[I know I look completely different my freshmen year than I do now]
Our Madrigals group had the opportunity to go to New York and sing in Carnegie Hall under the direction of John Rutter. It was a trip I will never forget.
[Abby's choir still wears the same dresses we did.]
High school seems like forever ago already but the memories never fade.

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Kristy said...

So fun to see your choir photos from Freshman year Macy. It must have been crazy going up to sing as an alumni. My how time flies!