Thursday, May 27, 2010

can't sleep. not a surprise.

As of right now it is 4:55 in the morning and I have not been able to sleep a wink mainly because I haven't tried. This is a terrible habit I form during the summer when I am home. I stay up all hours of the night and then sleep in and waste my day away. Tonight I have been completely consumed with the nie nie dialogues. I am sure many of you have watched her video on the Mormon Messages YouTube page or posted by someone else.

Tonight I read her blog for the first time after I stumbled upon it around 10:00 after I had finished watching Man vs. Food with my Papa. Yes, I have spent almost seven hours that I should have been deep in a sweet slumber reading countless post by this inspiring woman. I am completely amazed as I read about her constant struggles, day to day activities, her testimony and knowledge of the gospel and the love for her children and husband. I have found myself in tears many times tonight and I have been deeply touched by her words. I want to be like Stephanie when I grow up. I want to have a husband like hers that will do anything for me and that I love more than anything. I want to have kids that want me to kiss their boo-boos better and that I want to hug and kiss all day long. Someday, but for now I can live through her!

I picked a few of my favorite tear jerkers; if you have a tissue handy and feel like reading here they are... on being alone, love-letter, read me, love, my blog will go on and on, and this free gift and message.

and one to make you laugh... get your gun.


Laura said...

i love nie nie. it's weird because my sister's name is stephanie nielson too. That woman is incredible and i am so glad you found her blog!

Kristy said...

Oh Macy...I have read many of her posts and been so touched by her story of amazing perseverence and love. She is a great role model to follow...such courage in the face of such adversity. Wow, to be like her would be a life's dream. I am glad that you read her story.
As for you staying up all night and sleeping half the day away...let me know and I will tuck you in for the night at a decent hour and get you up at a decent hour...just say the word! I love you, my incredible blogger!!!

mara said...

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