Monday, May 3, 2010

100. SUMMER!

One Hundredth Post.
I am still alive I promise.
I am just busy with loving every second of summer already.
I have loved spending time with my family and friends, catching up on some of my favorite shows and relaxing for once.
Remember when I had my little venting session about wanting to be at the lake on my boat... my dream came true just a few days after being home and again a week later.
California weather has also been perfect and we have taken advantage of it.
We are a goofy family.... hahahaha.
My little Wubbas [Abby's given nickname from me] is almost all grown up. I swear she gets taller by the second and she now towers a good five inches above me.
I'm excited Ky is home for a little while.
I have had the privilege of watching our close friends the Gauthier's adorable little boy Jared. John tells my that by the end of the summer I will want one of my own but after only two days I already do, even with poopie diapers. Jared is my buddy but he wouldn't smile for Ky.
I LOVE our boat, and my dad is definitely a little obsessed.
Most people haven't taken their boats out yet because the lake temp is still only in the sixties... but we are a family who owns wet suits and cold water doesn't stop us, especially dad.
He's getting pretty good on his board too.

We named our beloved wake setter "The Bu" it is very fitting.
As we always do, we packed a lunch and found a good cove to drop anchor in to eat. I swear any food tastes ten times better on the lake.
I love my papa.
We brought little Wags along for the ride.
He loves being out there with the wind in his face.
It's been a perfect first week home.