Monday, May 10, 2010

my little ab is all grown up.

Wubbas had PROM this weekend. If feels like just a few months ago I was going to my first prom with my best friend Megan and our dates but it had already been three years since then and it's Ab's turn to cut a run on the dance floor.
She went with her best friend Marco and they looked adorable. I had the girls that night but thankfully Jill let me take them to go and see Abby take pictures at our grandparents house before they went to take more with their whole group.
I have never seen my little sis look so grown up.
I swear I left for four months and came home to a girl I call little towering over me. She is now about five feet nine inches tall and both of her "big" sisters are around five feet four inches... where does that height come from?
Abby's friend Marco is a favorite in the Falke household.
He comes over just about everyday to see Ab, play pool with dad or talk to Mom, Me and Ky. Abby has some amazing friends and I am happy for her!
Abby and Marco before Prom.
Wubbas!I have quite the soft spot for this gorgeous girl.


Kristy said...

What a wonderful sister you are Macy! She loved having you help her with her hair and come and take pictures! Bless your heart dear Macy!

Marilyn said...

Wow, she looks gorgeous!